How To Get Rid Of Urine Smell In Bathrooms

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How to get urine smell out of bathroom

Ever wonder why your toilet smells of urine despite cleaning your bathroom. There is a lot of reasons why urine smell will be in your bathroom that will surprise you in so many ways. The number one area most people might think the pee smell is coming from is the toilet. 

This might be the cause sometimes but, this article will give you all the different places the urine smell is coming from and how to get rid of that odor once and for all to make your bathroom smell as clean as to how it looks.

Why does my bathroom smell like urine?

Urine can have a gold or transparent look to it which can make it either easy to see or hard to find. Urine stains areas that it is on for a period of time and requires a good amount of cleaning to remove the odor so that is why your bathroom might smell like urine without you seeing it.


Best Ways To Remove Urine Smell In Bathrooms

1. Use Proper Cleaning Agents

The most important thing is to use the right cleaning agents to clean your bathroom and toilet to get rid of the urine smell. Bleach, white distilled vinegar, urine cleaning products, dawn, borax, oxi clean are all great products to use to remove the pee odor.

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2. Check Underneath Toilet Seat

cleaning urine from toilet seat

Each time a guy pees, he needs to lift up the toilet see to get a better and wider opening to allow the pee to not splash. Sometimes this doesn’t go that well and it gets under the toilet seat. If you drink a lot of water your pee will look transparent and you will not see it underneath the toilet seat. 

The next thing people do not think of is that when the pee hits the water some will deflect back out that you cannot see and you will be wondering why my toilet smells of urine despite cleaning it. Always remember to clean all over the toilet with bleach and disinfectant. Do not use the same cloth or sponge all over the toilet to spread what was on the seat onto the top and sides.


3. Wash Rugs Regularly

rug in front bathroom toilet

The rugs on our bathroom floor in front of the sink or in front the toilet will get dirt really fast especially the rug in front of the toilet. Pee and other liquids will get on them and cause the bathroom to smell like pee over time.

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I recommend you wash your rugs each week to remove any odors that might be on them. You can also switch them around so you do not keep reusing the same rug each week after washing it. A bathroom needs 3 different pairs of rugs minimum to not cause an odor to develop from pee or anything else.


4. Make Sure Water Isn’t Leaking When You Flush 

I have installed a few new toilets over time and I know there is this Gell-like circle that goes around the inside of the toilet to connect to the sewer pipe. This Gell will wear down over time and water and sewage will leak from underneath the toilet onto the bathroom floor.

So each time you flush, pee in the water will slowly leak out and leave an odor on the floor. Sometimes these products go bad before their time and need a replacement. Check that to ensure it is ok and if not replace it immediately.


5. Clean Around Toilet Properly

removing urine from around toilet

Cleaning around your toilet can make a big difference when it comes to removing urine odors from your bathroom. If you are over 6 foot tall, peeing straight In the toilet is really hard. This is because toilets were made shorter in height to let us have a proper posture when taking a poop. 

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That was a good idea but, with a bad flaw. Men do not sit when peeing, so we have to try to aim to stand really tall and that sometimes doesn’t go to plan. We end up splashing some on the outside around the toilet.

The person who did it needs to clean around the toilet properly with bleach or other cleaning agents to prevent the pee from staining the floor and leaving the urine smell in the bathroom. Or anyone that cleans the bathroom needs to give around the toilet a proper scrubbing each week just as a precaution too.


6. Teach Kids How To Clean After Each Pee

As a kid growing up I didn’t know how to pee in the toilet properly, so I would get pee on the toilet seat all the time. One day I visited my aunt’s house and she saw that I peed on the seat. 

She was mad but, she then told me that I have to lift the seat up each time I use the bathroom toilet. This was a game-changer for me, so I would recommend showing your kids from a young age how to properly pee in the toilet.

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7. Air Bathroom Out

open bathroom window

Sometimes getting that urine smell out of the bathroom is really simple and you only need to do a simple task, airing the bathroom out. One of the bathrooms in my house doesn’t have a vent so we have to rely on the window and the open door to get fresh air inside.

During the winter this can be a hassle because it is so cold and we do not want to open any window. You can crack the window open slightly during the cold times and leave the door open for ventilation. 

Remember to use an air freshener to help the process, you can buy really good air fresheners for your bathroom at bath and body works to plug into the wall or just to spray in the air. Some of these air fresheners will get rid of bacteria that are in the air as well.


8. Use Urine Removal Cleaning Soap

Having urine smell in a bathroom is a big enough problem that they made soap and cleaning agents especially for it. You can buy them on amazon and other stores for a good price. These products were made for industrial uses like public bathrooms, office bathrooms, gym bathrooms, and more.

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The smell from these products will be a lot stronger than bleach, so I would recommend that you use a proper glove and mask when cleaning the bathroom. These urine smell removers have special instructions on them from the manufacture, so I would just follow them carefully.


9. Clean Inside Of  The Toilet Properly To Remove Urine Smell

A lot of people think that just flushing the toilet is cleaning it. Each time we pee, the urine leaves a small amount of residue in the toilet. If there is a stain, you can use wd 40 to remove the stain along with some bleach to whiten the toilet. 

Every weekend your toilet will need proper cleaning and scrubbing to get rid of any smell that might be there, especially in the toilet bowl.


10. Do Not Pee In The Shower

Many people choose to pee in the shower because it seems very easy and convenient at the time. What a lot of people do not know is that urine will start to stain an area if it is constantly being peed on. Just showering and washing the pee away will not get rid of the urine smell.

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You will need to use proper cleaning agents to remove the odor and get rid of the sent. The next thing is that the pee will start to make the bathroom shower drain smell. If this happens you can use bleach or a urine smell remover to get rid of the odor for good.


11. Clean Laundry Basket

Sometimes the pee isn’t coming from the toilet or bathroom floor. We are humans and sometimes a little pee gets onto our underwear without us knowing. We take it off and throw it into the laundry basket to clean in the next two weeks. 

This will cause your bathroom to smell like urine without you knowing where it is coming from. You can keep your laundry somewhere else or you need to simply wash your laundry every week. You can place dryer sheets in the laundry basket, drop a few drops of essential oils in them to help cover the odors.


12. Step Stools / Wood Step Stools

Teaching our little toddlers to pee is a really exciting task and achievement. They sometimes say they can do it on their own and we give them the opportunity to do so. They will make mistakes eventual in the beginning and let pee get on their stepping stools.

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Wood stepping stools are the worse, they soak up some of the liquid and will make your bathroom smell awful with urine smell. Always check your kids stepping stools to see if it smells like urine or urine is on it.


13. Use UV Lights To See Urine In Bathroom

You only need to try this method when you have cleaned your bathroom from top to bottom and you still smell the urine odor. These lights can be used to make urine glow wherever it is, so you can find it and wipe it away with the proper cleaning agent like bleach, borax, and more.


Tips To Prevent Urine Smell In Your Bathroom

  1. Check for small urine squirts after you have finished peeing.
  2. Monitor kids or toddlers when they just start using the bathroom, to prevent them from peeing in places that they shouldn’t.
  3. Clean areas that you might think pee might get often.
  4. Wash your shower with dawn dish soap to remove odors from the drain if you pee in the shower.
  5. Drink more water to get that urine smell from your pee.


How To Remove Urine Smell Frequently Ask Questions

How to neutralize urine smell?

Use urine smell cleaning agent made especially for industrial bathrooms. These chemicals will neutralize the pee smell within minutes.

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How to get using smell out of wood?

Having wood products smelling like using can be very hard to get rid of. If your bathroom floors are wood, you will need to use steam to get the urine smell and particles out of the wood. You can rent a carpet steam cleaner to get the smell out. Works great if your dog pees on the floor.


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