How to Get Gum Out Of Sheets

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How to Get Gum Out Of Sheets

We all have chewed gum in our beds before and might have fallen asleep with it in our mouths. This will cause the gum to fall out and stick to the bedsheets. Getting the bum out of the bedsheet can be really hard. I have gotten rid of a sheet already because of chewing come.

I decide to find the best method to get cum out of fabric so that you and no one else has to get rid of their sheets because of chewing gum.

To get gum out of your bedsheets in the fastest way in one go you need to pour ice cubes into a ziplock bag and place it on the gum for 5-10 minutes until the gum is frozen then you pull it off with your finger or a knife.


1. WD-40 On Gum In Bed Sheets

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Using Wd-40 to get gum out of your sheets is a good way but you have to be careful of the color sheets you are using. WD-40 can leave a stain mark on a lighter color sheet like white and other light colors. The best color sheets to use this method on are black, dark grey, etc.

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If you choose to use this method the best way to use the WD-40 is to spray a little WD-40 into a spoon and carefully pour it onto the gum on your sheets. Let the wd-40 stay on the gum for 5 minutes then you use a butter knife and scrape the gum off the sheet.


2. Using Vinegar To Get Gum Out Of Sheets

Vinegar is a great natural cleaning product that doesn’t stain things that you use it on so it will work great on any color bed sheets. To use it on the gum pour a tablespoon of vinegar on the area with the gum and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Once the 5 minutes are up, slowly pull the gum off the bed sheet or use a butter knife and scrape it off. Once you have gotten all the gum off, Gove the bed sheet a proper wash in the washing machine to get the vinegar smell out of it.

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3. Using Ice Cubes On Gum

Using ice cubes to freeze the gum so it can fall off will be the easiest method. But most people pour the ice cubes on the sheet and leave it which works but takes much longer and is not that effective. What works best is if you pour a generous about of ice cubes into a zip lock bag, close it then place it on the gum.

Leave the bag on the gum for 10 minutes then go back and take it off. The gum should be frozen by now and you can pull it off the sheet with your fingers. You might have a small amount of gum remaining but you can use a butter knife to scrape it off then dry your sheet in the dryer.


4. Baby Oil / Olive Oil

Gum and oil don’t go well together. As soon as the oil touches the gum it immediately loses most of the stickiness it has.  Just like the wd-40 that has oil in it the gum will allow you to pull off as soon as you put some oil on it.

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The difference between baby oil and WD-40 is that they do not have in the ingredients wd-40 has in that can stain light color sheets. So you can use olive oil or baby oil on any sheet you like.

All you need to do is wet a cotton swab and soak the area with the gum on your sheet and slowly pull it off when you feel the gum getting loose. When you are done give your sheet a proper wash.


5. Rubbing Alcohol 

Rubbing alcohol is one of my favorite cleaning products that wasn’t made for cleaning. You can basically use it on anything without worrying about stains or damage. All you need to do is wet a cotton swab and place it on the gum and leave it for 10 minutes.

Once the 10 minutes are up. Use a butter knife and scrape the gum off your sheets. You should give your sheet a wash in the machine after this as well.

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How to Get Gum Out Of A Blanket?

A blanket isn’t the same as a bedsheet. Blankets are much thicker and made of wool that is very fluffy. When gum gets into wool you need it to side out without breaking the fabric so here is the best way to get gum out of a blanket.

1. Pour some baby oil on the area of the blanket with the gum stuck to it and let it sit for 10 minutes.

2. When the 10 minutes are up try to see if the gum slides off easily and if it does. Use your hands and slowly pull the gum out of the wool fabric.

3. If the gum doesn’t slide out easily. Add more baby oil to it and let it sit for a few more minutes.


How to Get Gum Off Microfiber Couch?

Getting gum on your microfiber couch isn’t the same as a sheet or blanket that you can replace that easily. Couches cost a lot of money so you will need to get the gum out without damaging the fabric or the microfibers. To do so use the same method with the ice in a ziplock bag and place it on the gum then scrape it off after 10 minutes when it is frozen.

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From past experiences, I wouldn’t recommend you chew gum in bed because you can fall asleep and have the gum stuck in your throat which can end up causing serious people. You should never put gum on anything and place it on your bed because you will forget about it in a few minutes. All the methods above work but I recommend using the ice cube in a zip lock bag method to get the gum out in a full piece.

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