How to Clean A Dehumidifier

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How to Clean A Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers were a great invention because it saves a lot of people the headache of cleaning mold off their dishes, clothes, and walls because of the moisture that was in the air. Dehumidifiers need cleaning their self as well because the filter and bucket can get dirty over time.

Finding the filter and coils on a dehumidifier can be tricky to do. So that’s what this article will teach you to do. Clean your dehumidifier in the easiest way possible to remove dust, dirt, and any other foreign objects that might be in it. Let us get started with cleaning your dehumidifier.

Supplies Needed To Clean Your Dehumidifier:


The Process Of Cleaning A Dehumidifier 

This is the exact cleaning process I use to clean the dehumidifier in my basement apart and I have had this dehumidifier for years now so this cleaning method works and will make your dehumidifier last as long as it should.

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Steps You Need To Take:

1. Unplug An Take To Safe Place

Unplugging dehumidifier from wall to be cleaned

The first step you need to take is to unplug your dehumidifier. Because you will be handling water, it is safer for you to unplug it and take it to an area where you have enough space to clean each part of it properly. You can either take it on your deck or in your bathroom and at this stage, you need to gather all the cleaning supplies needed above if you can.

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2. Dump An Clean Dehumidifier Bucket 

Cleaning dehumidifier bucket

The dehumidifier bucket is what catches all that water it sucks from the atmosphere. Depending on how much moisture is in the room the dehumidifier is in water and will be in the bucket for a period of time. Water creates lime-scale and a slimy feeling to any surface it stays on for too long.

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pouring dawn dish soap in dehumidifier filter

Inside the bucket will feel slimy if water is in it for more than a week without dumping it. To clean the dehumidifier bucket all you need to do is pour 1/4 cup vinegar into the bucket along with 3 tablespoons of dawn dish soap and wash It out with warm water. The vinegar will break down the limescale and the dawn dish soap will give it a nice smell and fresh feeling.

using sponge to clean dehumidifier bucket

3. How to Clean A Dehumidifier Filter

dirty dehumidifier filter 

Most dehumidifier filters are located on the back of the dehumidifier. My dehumidifier band is Danby and it is located there.

1. Turn the dehumidifier around and locate the filter.

taking out dehumidifier filter

2. My filter can just be lifted out. Look if yours needs to be screwed out or can be done the same way.

washing dehumidifier filter with shower head

3. Place the filter in the bathroom shower or bathroom sink and wash it off with running water.

Dehumidifier filter on the ground in bathroom shower

4. Shake or dry the filter off with compressed air and place it back into the dehumidifier. Clean around the area of the filter and use the compressed air to blow and clean off the coils in the back of the dehumidifier.

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cleaning dehumidifier coils with air compressor

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Video Of Me Cleaning Dehumidifier Filter

4. Cleaning Inside And Outside Dehumidifier 

adding dawn dish soap to warm water

To clean the inside of the dehumidifier, you need to fill a cleaning bucket with water and pour some dawn dish soap into it. Use a microfiber cloth and wipe the inside as much as you can. If you can’t reach areas with your hand, use the compressed air in a can and blow out any dust or dirt. You can also use the end of a long spoon and push the cloth into the areas that are hard to reach.

Cleaning the inside of dehumidifier with cloth

Cleaning the outside of the dehumidifier is really easy. Use the same water you use to clean the inside and give the outside a proper wipe-down. Remember to wipe underneath and the back of the dehumidifier.

removing hose connection on dehumidifier

One place people normally forget to clean is the hose connector at the back. Open that area and wipe it out because limescale will be there.

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cleaning the outside of a dehumidifier with cloth

cleaning dehumidifier fan with compress air

Cleaning dehumidifier fan from the outside with compressed air in a can.

5. Setting Back Your Dehumidifier 

clean dehumidifier beside air filter

Now that you have clean the entire dehumidifier, you can put it all back together. Make sure the plug connection is dry and then plug it in a set it to the desired humidity you want it to turn on to.

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Anytime the humidity goes over 50% the chances of mold, mildew, and bacteria forming in the area is possible if it stays like this for more than a few days.

How Often Should You Clean A Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is what sucks out the moisture in the air around you in a place where there isn’t enough ventilation. For example in a basement, a dehumidifier will get full every 2 days while in a dining room it can take a week or more. It all depends on the area and moisture in the air. 

The more water a dehumidifier holes the more you will need to clean the bucket because water that stays in an area constantly will smell and make the area feel slimy. Even if you dump the bucket often. The filter on the dehumidifier as well needs to be clean every 2 months to allow it to suck in the moisture properly. With all that said if you leave your dehumidifier running all day, you need to clean it every 2 months if the area isn’t dusty to clog the filter.

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This cleaning process can be used to clean almost any dehumidifier. The only difference is the location and how you take the filter out of the back of your dehumidifier. If you use your dehumidifier daily, you should give it a proper cleaning every 2-3 months to make your dehumidifier last as long as it should. The filter on the dehumidifier can be cleaned on a weekly basis so that the dehumidifier has maximum suction.

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