How to Clean Beard Brush

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How to Clean Beard Brush

Beard brushes and combs are the ones that take care of our beards to make them look good. Beard brushes can last for years if properly cared for so that is why you need to know how to clean your beard brush properly. The benefit of a beard brush is that it traps Debris, dust, dirt, and flaky skin that is in your beard to keep it looking shiny and rich.

Bristles on beard brush

Some beard brushes are made with Boar bristle which helps to stimulate the natural oil in our skin because boars and human hair have the same protein in them. These brush needs a deep cleaning regularly like your hair to remove excessive oil and more debris. Let us start to clean your hair.

Basic Cleaning Of Your Brush

removing hair from beard brush with comb

This method is the basis and easy way to remove old hair build-up, dead skin, dirt, and dust that might be in your beard brush. To do this you will need a q-tip comb or a regular comb. Go over to a trash can and set the brush at an angle and scrape out the hair with the come.

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This will loosen a lot of dead skin as well as hair so use your hands and pull the rest of the hair out with your fingers. Using this cleaning method is recommended on a weekly basis to have your brush in tip-top shape.

Deep Cleaning Your Beard Brush

Brass beard brush

Deep cleaning your beard brush will remove all the oily residue from the brush that gets trapped in it from your beard oils and the natural oils in your hair.

Steps To Take:

removing hair from beard brush with comb

1. To remove all the oily residue and any other oil, hold the handle of the brush and scrape out all the old hair so you can get to clean the bottom of the brush bristles. Once that is done, place the brush under some warm running water and pour some dawn dish soap or shampoo on the brush, and run your finger through it.

add shampoo to beard brush to clean it

using fingers to clean beard brush

2. Run your fingers through the brush bristles for 60 seconds or until you see that everything that is on the bottom of the bristles is coming up or washing out. You can use a soft old toothbrush and clean the bottom if that works better for you.

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rinsing beard brush

3. Now it is time to rinse the brush properly. Place the brush underneath the same warm running water from your faucet and rub your fingers over the bristles until you see the water running from the brush is no longer brown and clear.

using towel to dry beard brush quickly

4. To dry the brush you can shake it out and leave it to air dry or you can use a towel and dry it if you want to use it right away. Try not to use your beard brush if it is wet because the bristles will be too heavy and will break your beard hair.


How Often Should You Replace Your Beard Brush?

Beard brushes can last a very long time, even for years. What affects the life span of your beard brush is how often you clean it and remove debris and oil from it that can damage the brush bristles and clog them together.  Boar bristle beard brushes are similar to human hair which requires more cleaning and maintenance. On high-end beard brushes, they tend to use boar bristles so that they can feel better when used and help stimulate the skin to release natural oils in your beard. Check the website that you bought the beard brush on to see what the bristles are made from. If it is boar bristles, you need to give your beard brush a deep clean each month to make it last as long as possible.

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