How to Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable

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How to Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable

I have slept on an air mattress before and I know how uncomfortable it can get, especially if you have a bad back. Air mattresses are a cheap way to sleep temporarily if you are going on a trip etc. Making an air mattress more comfortable is ideal if you are using one at the moment.

This article will give you five easy ways to make an air mattress comfortable without spending any extra money out of your pocket. You will use some simple items you can find in your house and it will dramatically increase your sleeping experience each night. Let us begin!


1. Use Thick Blankets

Thick blankets make any bed feel soft and comfortable table. It doesn’t even have to be a blanket, it can be a thick comforter that you have at home or pack one if you plan to get an air mattress for your trip. The thickness of the blanket will separate your body from the hardness of the rubber on the air mattress so you will feel more comfortable.

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If your blanket is too short or thin. You can actually fold the blanket in half and place it directly on the area where you are going to sleep. The rest of the air mattress will be hard but where you are sleeping will be super soft and comfortable.

2. Put less Air In

Depending on the type of material air mattress you have, putting less air in can make it even more comfortable. The way this work is by softening the area where your body touches, so the rubbery plastic that made the area mattress will conform to your body as to how memory foam work.

When you are doing this method, be careful of how much air you let out. The best way to do this is to take some of the air out of the mattress, and connect the pump to the air mattress and blow it up until you feel comfortable.

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3. Use More Sheets

This method is similar to using a thick blanket. The only difference is that you will be using a lot more sheets. If you are home this method will work perfectly if you have someone coming over and you do not have enough space for them but they are ok with sleeping on an air mattress.

Adding 5-6 sheets to the air mattress will give the mattress enough padding so the person can comfortably sleep without having too much back pain and cramps in the morning when they get up.

4. Put Air Mattress On Level Surface

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This might sound weird to you but air mattresses are not the same as a regular mattress. If you place a regular mattress on the ground that is unlevel or has something under it. The mattress will flex and conform to it. With an air mattress, the rubber cannot flex enough when it is fully inflated.

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Always check to see if something is underneath the air mattress and if the surface is level. For example, you do not want to put half of your air mattress on the carpet and the other half on the floor. The thickness between the carpet and the floor is enough for you to feel it when you lay on the air mattress.

5. Use a mattress Topper Or Padding 

Mattress paddings are a great way to make even a real mattress feel more comfortable. Imagine adding two inches of gem memory foam padding to your air mattress. This will immediately make your air mattress feel like a real mattress. This method will work best if you are using the air mattress at home.

A mattress padding is smaller and can be folded so if you want to use the air mattress on the go but want it to feel more comfortable. Bring a mattress padding with you.

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Final Thoughts.

Air mattresses are a great way to sleep better on the go or if you have someone coming over. They are much better than sleeping on the floor but they can be uncomfortable sometimes. The best way to overcome this is to add padding to your air mattress and this will make it feel 10x better.

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