How to Keep Birds Out Of Open Buildings

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How to Keep Birds Out Of Open Buildings

Birds are amazing creatures, but they can get annoying if they keep flying into your house or open building. Keeping birds out of open buildings isn’t that hard. All it will take is for you to implement some of these bird dithering methods and no more birds will fly in your shed, house, and any other buildings that might be in your yard.

Method 1. Use Fake Predator

This trick has been around for many years and it works amazingly. This trick is similar to how farmers use fake humans in cornfields to scare off crows that will eat the corn. These fake owls, hawks, eagles, and other animals sell on amazon for a reasonable price.

The way these fake predator birds work is by moving around to imitate a hawk or owl looking for its next meal. When birds see this they will immediately fly in the opposite direction and they might even stay away permanently if they come back again and see the owl or hawk.

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Method 2. Remove Food Source 

If you have an open barn or shed outside that you store certain things in. This will definitely attract the birds to fly in the open building because it is free food. The last thing you want to store in these open buildings is bird food and other seeds.

When you have bird food, store it inside your house so you can keep out the birds. The next food course for some birds is garbage. If you have construction going on and the workmen leave food in the trash or laying around. The birds will take advantage of the opportunity to eat whatever they can find in the open building.


Method 3. Set A Bird Trap

If the methods above didn’t work and the are birds still coming back. Then you can set traps with food in them to catch the bird. This method might have you hurt the bird if you want to keep it away permanently if it was the same bird that kept coming back.

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The other way you can use this method is by using it to catch a bird that is trapped in an open building and cannot find its way out.


Method 4. Use Bird Nets

This method is similar to the method above but it works best if the build you are keeping the birds out of cannot be closed off. Let us say for example you have a shed outside that you cannot put a door on because it has to be kept open for the airflow.

Using a net over the entrance where the birds usually entires from will definitely keep birds out of the open building for good.  You can use this method for buildings with broken glass, no doors, and no walls.


Method 5. Remove Areas That They Might Make A Nest

Birds like to go where they feel warm and comfortable. A shed in your backyard will be a perfect area for them to fly into and make their nest. What I would suggest you should do is close off the area if you cannot remove some of the things they will use as a nest. If you can remove it, then that’s even better for you.

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Method 6. Flashing Lights To Keep Birds Out Of Open Buildings 

Flashing lights will get anything or anyone’s attention. Eventually, even humans will want to leave any area that has falling lights. Imagine how birds will react to this bright light. This will make them very uncomfortable with their sensitive eyes and they will fly out. 

If they come back and they keep seeing the flashing lights, then they will stay away permanently. These lights work by detecting motion. If you place them high enough, then it will only detect when a bird flies across it.


Method 7. Alarms To Keep Birds Out Of Flashing Buildings

Alarms are a great way to keep anything away from any place or thing. The high pitched sound will automatically make the birds fly out of your shed or barn immediately without hesitating too much. You can purchase some of these motion detector alarms on amazon or your local wildlife store.

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Final Thoughts:

Birds are great to have around and good for the environment. This is why the methods above are non-harmful to them, but will still keep the birds out of your open buildings.

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