How to Keep Spiders Out Of Garage

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How to Keep Spiders Out Of Garage

Having spiders and bugs in your garage can make you stop using it even if you just use it for storage. Not all spiders are dangerous, but they can creep you out and create webs all over the ceiling and wall in your garage. Keeping spiders out of your garage is quite easy to some extent.

By doing these methods as well you will also bug-proof your garage. Some of these methods involve using chemicals and others are just using natural things. And I will also show you how to make your own homemade bug and spider repellent.

7 Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Garage

Below are 7 ways you can use to keep spiders out of your garage along with other insects and bugs.

1. Seal Crack And Holes In Garage Wall

gaps in the walls of the garage

Spider and other bugs can crawl through cracks in the wall and get into your garage. Spiders range from different sizes to as big as your hand. But you will not find such a big spider in your garage, you will find smaller spiders that build cobwebs on the walls and ceiling corners.

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To fill the holes up, you can either patch the drywall or use a spray foam in a can and fix it yourself. This will eliminate the spiders living in the walls as well.

Another area that you can fix is the rubber on the garage door which can wear out over time and leave huge gaps to allow insects, bugs, and spiders to come into your garage.


2. Make A Spider Repellent 

Spiders are a form of insects and insects hate certain odors, especially if you spray it on them. Making your own homemade spider repellent is the cheapest way to go by using things that you already have in your kitchen or bathroom. What insects hate the most is white distilled vinegar and spiders seem to hate the smell of it mixed with vinegar.

Making The Homemade Repellent:

1. Get a large enough spray bottle and fill it halfway with water.

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2. Add 1-2 cups of white vinegar to the water along with 15 drops of mint or any flavor essential oil.

3. Shake the bottle well and spray it in areas where you see spiders coming from. You can also spray it directly on the spiders and it will kill them in a few seconds or immobilize them so that they cannot move.

4. Also spray the spider repellent around the seals of the garage door.


3. Use Insecticides 

If you choose not to make your own homemade spider or bug repellent, you can always buy an insecticide. The only drawback with using insecticides is that they are very toxic and can harm pets and humans if they get into the body. If you use insecticides in your garage, make sure the door is closed all the time so pets cannot get inside.

The best insecticides to use are the ones that are made for indoor use and sprayable instead of using powders. With the sprayable insecticides, you can spray it around the garage doors, in the corners of the ceiling, and on walls.

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When the spiders taste it, it will kill them instantly and make them avoid that area or the entire garage itself. Here is a link to a great indoor insecticide that you can use. 

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4. Clean The Garage

bins, bicycles and other things on garage floor

Spiders and other bugs love clutter and if your garage has old books, tools, and garbage laying around. This will make a perfect home for a larger spider that lives in things like that. You may not know this but not all spiders live on their webs, larger spiders tend to like to live under large objects that protect them from other predators like cats, birds, snakes, etc.

When you are cleaning the garage make sure to use disinfectants and bleach because spiders hate the smell of bleach and disinfectants. Sweep and vacuum in the corners of the garage and take out any trash bags that are laying around.

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By doing this, you would be getting rid of most of the homes the spiders would have used or have been using so this will keep them out of the garage for good.


5. Use Sealable Bins

closed trash bin

Some of our garages are connected to our house and we put the garbage bin in it until it is garbage collection day you take it out. If the bins are not properly sealed you can attract other insects and bugs and have them take over your garage.

I have had this happen to me before and I had to buy trash bins that are metal and sealable to keep rats, flies, and even some spiders that will eat food out of the garage. Over time I started to see fewer flies and other insects.

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6. Organize Garage To Keep Spiders Out

shelve full of things in the garage

Organizing your garage is one of the best ways to keep spiders out of it. By not having things on the floor laying around. You will eliminate their hiding spots by placing tools on shelves. You can also utilize the walls by adding shelves and placing things there if space is limited. 

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You can purchase some stainless steel shelves on amazon that can hold a lot of weight for less than 100$ and these alone will make your garage look more organized and give you the opportunity to vacuum and clean your garage more often so dust doesn’t build up and attract bugs to come and live in the garage which will attract spiders because of the food source.


7. Remove There Food Source

food on barrel in garage

With insects, there are two things that they look for when making a home somewhere. They look for the warmness of the area if that is what they like and they look for a food source if it is close by. Spiders eat bugs, flies, and other insects they can catch in their webs or catch by themselves if they are big enough.

Getting rid of bugs ad other insects will make the spiders leave eventually out of your garage because the food source will be gone. If you see small bugs walking around spray them, and set traps for the flies that work on other insects too, and this will keep spiders out of your garage.

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When To Call Pest Control?

pest control looking for spider infestation in garage

This is a good question because pest control can get very pricy if they have to come. Before you take up the phone and call them, do an evaluation of the garage and count how many spiders you see each time you go in it for a day.

If you see spiders on each wall each time you go into the garages, then you need to get a pest control company to come and take a visit. If you are still not sure if you need them, give them a call and tell them what you are seeing, and based on their experience they will know whether you have a spider or bug infestation or not.


How To Bug Proof Garage Door

broken garage door rubber seal

The easiest way to bug-proof your garage is by sealing all the cracks that you can see and replacing the garage door rubber seal that blocks water and other insects from coming in. Over the years the seal around the garage door will wear and leave openings. You can also spray repellent around entires and holes in the garage.

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