How to clean engineered hardwood floors

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How to clean engineered hardwood floors and regular hardwood floors

Some of us love to clean and have our home smelling spectacular and looking spectacular as well. Every house will have floors, its either wood, tiles or carpet. You will need to clean it often because its where most bacteria are. Everything on the outside comes in on your shoes. Wood floors are the hardest to take care of. There easily scratched and can be ruined by water.


Cleaning them alone isn’t enough to keep them up over the years to come, you will need to have other measures to keep your floors looking like you just installed them. I have been using this amazing product on my floors to keep them shine and look new each time I clean it. 


Others have used it to clean there tiles is their bathroom to make them look shiny as well. I just use it to clean my floor. You will need to practice these habits that I’m going to be telling you about, I use them, and they work. There necessary to keep your floor looking new. Having a shoes rack at the entrance of your home. Do not allow people to walk on your floors with shoes that they wear on the outside. 

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You may never know what’s underneath them. They could have stepped on a small nail, and its hiding underneath their shoes, and they walk in on the wood floor and scrape it. Have something to clean the shoes off if you are going to take it on the inside to store is good practice.



 This will prevent dust from blowing all over your floor and places that you cannot reach. Dust will be in so many areas, worst if its a windy day.

Vacuum your floors regularly, because if you just decide to clean the floor with this product, it will show marks if dust was on the floor.

Here Is What You Need To Do First

  1. Vacuum the entire floor; even if it’s not wood, the dust can blow from another floor when you apply this product and ruin the finished look.
  2. Next, use a mop and wipe the floor down to remove any dust that the vacuum couldn’t take up. 
  3. You can use whatever mop you have to wipe it down, even a Swiffer wet jet, But when applying this product, use a regular mop.
  4. Let the floor dry for 15 minutes before you apply this product.
  5. This product is called Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster. I’m not sponsored by this product; I just love to use it because of the look my floors have when I’m done.
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  • Squirt out the liquid in an S pattern; the bigger the floor, the larger the S pattern the more evenly it will speed when you wipe the floor with the mop.
  • Use a clean mop and spread it in 45 minutes or so your floor will look glossy. 
  • You can add more of the Quick Shine to get a more glossy to it if you want.




  • When I do this on a Sunday, it lasts till the next Sunday.
  • So you won’t have to be doing this three times per week because a good application of this product will last for the week.
  • Enjoy the glossy look of your floor for days to come.



This is a list of some of the items I use in my house to clean, which are affordable as well. They all make cleaning much easier for me and even faster. I recommend you use these. List of affiliate links below.

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