How to Clean Metal Bakers Rack And Metal Shelves

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How to Clean Metal Bakers Rack

Rust on your metal shelves or baker’s racks is not sanitary or safe for consumption if it gets on the food that you store or cook own it. Cleaning metal racks and shelves are quite simple and if you clean them the proper way. This cleaning method I’m about to show you will remove rust grease and food off your racks.

Let’s begin to clean your shelves and racks, but first, you will need to get all the items below to clean the shelves or bakers rack effectively.


Things Needed To Clean Your Shelves:

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Cleaning A Bakers Rack

bakers shelve with food on it

This is the best cleaning method to clean baking racks because they tend to have a lot of grease on them. Degreasers can have a very toxic smell which is harmful so I will replace the degreaser with lemon juice to remove grease and break down rust. 

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Steps to Take:

1. Remove everything off the baker’s rack and place them aside. This includes the trays as well. This cleaning method can be used on the trays and baking pans as well.

2. Pour some lemon juice into a spray bottle and spray the entire rack and let it sit for 1 hour. The lemon juice will slowly break down any grease on the rack.

adding dawn dish soap to water

3. Once the 1 hour is over, mix a few tablespoons of dawn dish soap, 1 cup of white distilled vinegar in a cleaning bucket fill with water, and mix it around.

4. Dip the steel wool in the water and scrub the racks with it. Make sure to get into the greases and underneath the rack shelves. It is easier to do one side and then the other so you do not miss a shelf. Remember to clean the legs as well

5. Once you are satisfied that you have snubbed every area, you can use the sponge and give it one last cleaning. This should clean any spots you missed.

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6. Use pieces of paper towel and wipe the rack clean and you are done.

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How to Clean Metal Shelve

rusty wire shelve

If you have a baking rack, then you must have other metal shelves to store things on. Metal shelves tend to get rusty easily if they are not coated with special chemicals or if they are not stainless steel. Use this cleaning method to remove the rust off them in the easiest way possible.

metal shelves with pots and pans

Steps to Take:

1. Clear the metal shelve of everything on it and spray it with some lemon juice to break down rust and grease if any. Make a mixture of dawn dish soap in some water and move to the next step below.

2. Let the lemon juice sit for 1 hour. Dip the steel wool or scotch brite in the mixture and place the steel wool flat on the wires on the shelf and press down on it until you see it pushing in-between the wires.

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3. Now you can go in a horizontal or vertical direction to clean the wires.

4. Once you have clean every wire, use some paper towel and wipe it clean

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