How to Get Rid of Cinder Blocks

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How to Get Rid of Cinder Blocks Or Dispose Of Them

Cinder blocks/concrete blocks are the building foundation for most of our homes. Getting rid of unused cinder blocks from a project or just cleaning up your yard can be hard because you can’t just get rid of them like regular garbage. The material that makes concrete blocks do not break down over time. Fortunately, if they are in good condition, someone can make use of them. Below are 6 different ways to get rid of cinder blocks in a safe way.

Concrete wall build by cinder block

1) Calling Your Local Dump

The first thing you need to do is call your local dump. Some dumps and landfills do have an area for things like these, but it will cost you some pennies to dump it based on the weight. If your local dump says no, try using option 6.


2) Facebook Market Place

selling on facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great way to sell things that you do not want or you just want to make some extra money. This is the best place to sell and get rid of the cinder blocks that you don’t need and make some extra money as well. When you are selling it on Facebook, make sure to put in the AD that you do not do delivery and only in the local area can buy it. This will stop you from getting unwanted sellers from miles away.

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selling on facebook market place

3) Donate Them

Charity centers will take almost anything because people out there do need it. Even if they cannot give the blocks to someone, they can use them to help contribute to a project they are doing or they can sell it and use the money if the blocks were in good condition.


4) Repurpose Them

If you had just remodeled part of your house, you might have a good amount of cement blocks left over. If you do have a good amount leftover, you can make a garden with it by creating a rectangle and pouring dirt in the center, create an opening for a window if you have a basement or event just make a fireplace in the backyard.


5) Recycle Them

Even though cinder blocks can’t be broken down by the environment, they do have centers that recycle them and other materials. Cinder blocks are made of concrete, sand, and gravel and will break down easily if they go into a rock tumbler. They will come out almost with a dust texture and will be ready to be used again to make something else.

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6) Call A Dump Business 

Let’s say your local dump doesn’t take cinder blocks, what might surprise you is that there might be a local junkyard that will take it and dump it for you somewhere. These businesses works closely with construction companies so there will definitely be one near you. The other option is to rent a dumpster for the day and place the cinder blocks in it if you have enough. The dumpster might be a bit pricey but it’s an option.

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