How To Clean Microwave Filter: Step By Step Guide

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How To Clean Microwave Filter 

We use our microwave every day in the house, especially when we are cooking. Cooking and turning on the vent on your microwave will use the fans and filters, however over time they will get clogged and dirty. Cleaning your microwave filter is a very easy task and this article will show you how to do it.

drying microwave mesh filters

Microwaves have different types of filters and you will need to know what type you have before you start cleaning. The big benefit of cleaning your microwave filter is blowing the fans to suck up more are in the vents on the microwave to clear the air in the kitchen from smoke. Let us get to know what type of filter you have on your microwave and how to clean them plus learn how to clean your microwave too. This method can be used on any brand microwave like a Frigidaire microwave, Samsung microwave, whirlpool microwave, LG Microwave, and so on.

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What are the different types of microwave filters?

Below will be the two main types of microwave filters that you might find in your microwave. One of them is much easier to clean and requires less maintenance and replacement over time.

Microwave Charcoal Filter

On more expensive microwaves, they will come with a filter that has a charcoal sheet layer in it to stop the grease and other things in the air from getting in the vents. If you cook a lot, you will need to replace your filters every 3 months to get the most out of your microwave venting system. For a family or person that cooks normally, every six months will be ok to replace the filter.

Microwave Mesh Filter Or Aluminum Filter

This filter is the most common filter that you will find in most modern households. These filters are the filters you need to clean physically with a degreaser and soap. Below is the best way to clean a microwave mesh filter or aluminum filter.

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Supplies needed:

  • Dawn dish soap
  • Scrub brush
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Sponge


Steps you need to take to clean the filter

Step 1:

Locate the microwave filters

microwave filters in microwave

Locating your microwave filter is an easy take to do. You will find the filter underneath the microwave on both edges facing vertical to you. To take out the microwave filter, you need to push one end up and maneuver it out at an angle. A Video will be included showing you how to remove your microwave filter.

Step 2:

Fill the kitchen sink with water

cleaning microwave filter with dawn dish soap

You do not need to fill the kitchen sink entirely, just enough water to cover the vents will be good enough. You can even use a large enough container to wash and clean the filter as long as you do not plan on using it again because the grease from the filters will stain the container especially if it is plastic. 

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You will need to fill the container or kitchen sink with hot water, pour 3 squirts of some dawn dish soap in it along with half a cup of white distilled vinegar. Spraying some degrease on the filter before you add them in will help to break down the great faster. Let the microwave vent sit for a half-hour before you begin to wash them.

Step 3:

Start Washing The Microwave Filter

cleaning microwave filter with degreaser

Now that you have allowed the filters to soap in the hot water and degreaser, use a scrub brush and brush the filters properly. Face the filters at a downwards angle so the grease that the brush is picking up doesn’t get on you. Use the sponge to wash the sides of the filter now and you are done. You can use some bleach if you want as well, just make sure to wear gloves.

Placing your microwave filters in the dishwasher isn’t such a good idea because the grease from the filter will stick to the dishwasher walls, and eventually help clog the dishwasher filter. Try to always clean your microwave filters by hand and not in the dishwasher.

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Step 4:

Leave Filters To Dry

drying microwave filters

The filters are completely clean now and if you still see grease spots, you can repeat the washing process again. The fastest way to dry the microwave filter if you are in a hurry to cook is by using a standing fan or placing them outside to dry. Be sure to make sure they are completely dry because if it is still dripping water and you have oil underneath it that will cause a fire or cause you to get burnt.

Step 5:

Place Filters Back In Microwave 

microwave filter hole

Now that the microwave filters are finished drying, it is safe to place them back in the microwave properly. Putting them back in the microwave incorrectly can cause your microwave vent and fans to get full of grease from cooking and ruin the entire microwave venting system. This will end up costing you a brand new microwave.

How to clean microwave filter video cleaning process

How to reset microwave filter

Resetting your microwave filter is very easy, all you need to do is clean the filters and place them back then hold the rest filter bottom for 3 seconds until it beeps at you and the light goes away. A video will be included showing you how to do it.

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How to clean your microwave?

Since you decide to clean your microwave vent, you might swell clean your entire microwave to remove food odors or anything that might be stick to the side of the walls. Cleaning your microwave is really easy and simple. If you watch videos of people scrubbing the walls, this cleaning method is much easier.

You will be steam cleaning your microwave so that anything on the walls will be super soft and easy to wipe off in one wipe. Place a bowl in the microwave fill halfway with water. Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to the water.

Put the microwave on for 5 minutes and leave it until it is done. When you open the microwave the sides should be soft and the food on the side of the microwave should be sliding off by now. Use a piece of paper towel or microfiber cloth and wipe the walls off. You can spray some bleach on the sides of the microwave to give it a fresh smell as well. That’s it, the inside of your microwave is now cleaned.

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Cleaning the outside of your microwave

Many people do not know that using paper towels on the outside face of your microwave will cause micro scratches because paper towels were made from wood that was broken down. To clean the outside of your microwave all you need is some water and a new microfiber cleaning cloth. Wet the cloth a little and wipe the microwave off. You can use just a little degrease on it to help remove the grease.


Can you wash a microwave filter? 

Yes, you can wash your microwave filter if it is aluminum or just a mesh filter. If your microwave has a charcoal filter, you will need to replace the charcoal sheet with a new one. You can buy specific charcoal filters sheets for your microwave or get a universal filter sheet that you can cut to fit.

Does my microwave have a filter?

Most microwaves have a filter in them if it has a fan, if you see a vent or fan option on your microwave, then it has a filter somewhere. Most likely the filter will be underneath the microwave on both sides if you look carefully.

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