5 Easy Ways to Get Rid Of Spiders In Car

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How to Get Rid Of Spiders In Car

Spiders creep me out to begin with. Inside a car is a small space and to have spiders in it can be a nightmare if you have arachnophobia. Getting rid of spiders in your car is easier than you think. But I know you might be thinking of using some insecticide or other chemicals, but I will not recommend doing that because inside a car is too small.

If your add insecticides to your car, you will only be polluting the small amount of air you have in the car. The methods that this article will give you are all-natural ways to get rid of spiders in your car for good. Let us learn why they come in your car to live in the first place.

Where Do Spiders Live In My Car?


car A/C vent opened

Because spiders can fit into almost any space, they will live in the seat creases, A/C vents, glove box, underneath the carpet, things laying around on the ground and trunk, armrest and so much more areas that you cannot think of.

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How Do Spiders Get In Your Car

car door jam with small opening

Spiders get in your car through the smallest creases they can find. They can sneak under the weather rubber seal on the car doors, through the A/C vent, underneath the car or the engine area, and many more places.

Don’t panic now, spiders only come into your car if the right combination of things is there which is food sours and a very dirty car with things all over the inside laying around.

Why Do Spiders Live In My Car?

Spiders love cozy and dry places along with a good food source. You might be saying now food source? But that’s my car! A car has a lot of small creases and different places to hide because not every spider lives on a web. Some spiders like to hide in dark tight spots and ambush their food.

How to Get Rid Of Spiders In Car

Below are 5 natural ways to get rid of spiders in your car without using any toxic chemicals that can arm you if you inhale them.

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1. Eliminate Food Source Food 

food on car center console

The majority of us eat in our cars and if we have kids that makes it even worse because as soon as you clean they make a mess again. Spiders do not eat foods that we eat but other insects will like flies and bugs. Spiders catch and eat bugs, so if bugs and other insects are getting into your car, then the spiders will have a constant food source.

To fix this problem, you will need to clean out food that is under your car seats and between the seats more often. Bugs and insects will not come in your car if the food is in it for 3 days, they will come when the food smell has been there for weeks. Remove old food in your car every week to prevent and also get rid of spiders in your car.

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2. Turn The A/C On Max

Car air Conditioning control System

Spiders love a warm and cozy area. That is why they will live in the smallest of cracks and creases they can find. You might be wondering how can your air conditioner help. The way it can help is by removing the warmth and coziness of the car.

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This might cost you an extra 5$ of gas but it will get the spiders out of your car really quickly. The first thing you need to do is close all the windows in the car and wet a piece of cloth and add a few drops of essential oil to it then place it on the floor. Turn the A/C to the coldest number which is low or 61-65 in most cars. Put it on last and leave the car running for 2-3 hours.

Make sure to set an alarm so that you can remember to turn the car off. When you go back the car should be as cold like a refrigerator and the spiders will be gone for good. If your car is dirty use this method combined with the one below for maximum effect.

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3. Clean Car Out

vacuuming car back seat with hand held vacuum

Cleaning your car out is a great way to eliminate one of the spiders living spots. This will also make them not interested in living in your car anymore because insects and other bugs will be gone and the space will feel more open to the spider.

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You can use organization bins in the car trunk, place a small garbage bin beside the seat that you can empty every other day, vacuum and clean the carpets and remove whatever things that shouldn’t be in the car.

By doing this, you will make the car feel much better and get rid of the spiders as well.

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4. Use Essential Oil As Repellent

Essential oil on car center console

Some essential oil smells do make my noise hurt sometimes and I stay away from them. Imagine what it will do to a spider that is more sensitive. Citrus and mint flavor essential oils will repel a spider and even kill them if you spray it on them.

The best way to do this is to make your own homemade air freshener with laundry detergent with some essential oil in it and spray it all over your car. If you just want to use the essential oil, add 15 drops to a spray filled with water and spray your car with it. This will repel and get any spider out of your car.

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5. Seal Cracks Or Check Rubber Seals 

rubber seat on car door top

Over time weather seals can tear or wear out which makes it much easier for spiders to get into your car. If your car is an older car and you live in colder where they use salt on the roads. 

The salt will create holes in the floor and make that an entry point for spiders to come in. So check over your car doors and floors to see if you have any holes in it.

Final Thoughts:

Spiders and bugs will not just come and live in your car. It takes a combination of different things, a dirty car with garbage inside, and a constant food source like old food lying around for weeks. The methods above can both work for spiders that live in your car or if you want to get a spider out of your car if it came in by mistake.

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