How to Get A Bee Out Of Your House: 5 Natural Ways

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How to Get A Bee Out Of Your House

Bees are the backbone of how we eat food and the survival of people and animals. They pollinate plants and so much more things. Having a bee in your house or car can be a little stressful, but it’s better than having a wasp in your house that will attack you more than a bee.

Getting a bee out of your house is easier said than done especially if you do not want to harm the bee. Bees are not attracted to your house by food like flies and other insects. Most of the time, they get trapped because they accidentally fly through the door or window. Below are 5 effective ways to remove a be from your house.

Methods To Remove A Bee From Your House

Below are 5 methods that I have used before to get a bee out of my basement apartment without harming the bee at all. Make sure you approach with caution whenever you are handling or going near a bee.

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1. Open Windows And Doors

This should be the first thought that comes to your mind because it will work 80% of the time. Opening the door and a window nearest the bee and talking out the screen will get the bee out of your house within a few minutes because they will fly around until they find the door or window.

When trying this method, make sure you keep an eye on the bee so that it doesn’t fly somewhere else and you step on it, and it stings you.

2. Turn Off The Lights

This method might sound weird to you, but it does work for most insects and it will work on bees. I discovered this hack when I opened my basement window, and the screen wasn’t up for the window, and flies came in and were all over the place. Didn’t want to spray insecticides in the basement because of the ventilation.

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I turned off all the lights, including the TV, and left the window open. To my surprise, within a few seconds, I see all the flies flying straight for the window because of the light. This method should work on a bee if you have one in your room where you can control how much light is in it.

3. Spray Essential Oil In The Air

Essential oil smells great, but it does get strong sometimes, especially cinnamon, lavender, mint, and some other flavor if you add too much to water or the area you are putting it on. Same as how we hate to smell it sometimes. So do bees and other insects, such as flies and bugs.

To make the essential oil repellent spray is easy. All you need to do is fill an empty spray bottle with warm water and add 10 – 15 drops of essential oil to the bottle from any of the flavors I listed above. Spray the area where the bee is and then open the Windows and do and the bee will fly right out of the house.

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4. Catch The Bee

Catching a bee and any flying insect like a wasp, grasshopper, roach, and more is easier than you think. You might be scared to touch the bee, but you will not touch the bee with your hands. What you will use is a container or a cup to catch the bee.

To do this, you need to get a cup or container that is more than 3 inches wide and place it over the bee only when it is on a wall or flat surface. Never try to catch them in the air because the bee will sting you. Once you cover the bee, use the container cover or a price of paper and cover the container entrance. 

Now you can take the bee outside and let it go. If you are afraid to let it go that close to you, place the container flat and use a broom to take the cover off, and you should be good.

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5. Use Smoke To Calm The Bee

Most people know that some will calm down and relax a be if they are getting too excited. You might be wondering why this method will work in your house. Most time, when a bee gets into a house, it will be confused and fly all over the place.

If you roll up a sheet of paper and light the end of it but make sure not to use it near the some alarm or turn them off. It will calm the bee down and allow it to find an exit. Just like humans, when we are panicking, we do not think or act right, so we will need to calm down first.

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Final Thoughts :

A bee your kids in your house can be harmful to you and your kids, especially your kids that do not understand that the bee can harm them If they try to catch it. When you see a bee in your house, you should not take your eyes off them so that you do not step on it or touch it by mistake. 

If you see more than one bee in your house over and over again in one area. Then you might have a bee hive somewhere in the walls and you will need to call an exterminator to get rid of them.

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