How to Make Glue Dry Faster In Minutes Or Seconds

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How to Make Glue Dry Faster

We all have been there where we want the glue to dry faster, but we don’t know what to do. This glue can be liquid glue, 3M tapes, or any kind of adhesive. Most time, we think that placing the glue or tape on the surface will make it stick or dry fast just like that. But most manufacturers recommend using a little heat to make the glue stick faster and dry faster.

The heat activates the properties of the glue, which will make it stick to the surface better and dry faster too. So here are five methods below that I have used to make any form of glue try faster, whether it is 3M tape or regular liquid glue.

6 Proven Ways To Make Glue Dry Faster In No Time

Below is 6 ways I have made glue dry faster in less than 5 minutes or within seconds. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and buy strong glue that can dry fast as well.

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1. Place It In The Sun

This method should be the first thing that came to your mind because it is the perfect way to make glue dry faster. If the object you are trying to glue is large or heavy, use the methods below. For small objects, take it outside and leave them in the sun for an hour or so.

The heat from the sun plus the cool breeze blowing outside will make the glue dry so faster you won’t believe it. Just make sure not to let the heat from the sun bleach out the object or change its shape of it.

2. Use A Heat Gun

person holding a heat gun

Using a heat gun is similar to using a blow dryer to make your glue dry faster. All you need to do is put the heat gun on a low heat setting and stay away at least 6 inches with the heat gun. Move in a horizontal or vertical direction for a few seconds, and this will make the glue stick faster and dry faster as well.

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3. Use A Blow Dryer

Too much heat can prevent the glue from drying. It might even destroy the glue if it is liquid. If what you are trying to make stick is adhesive tape. Then putting the blow dryer on a low heat setting will dry the glue faster by allowing it to be more sticky and stick to the surface.

All you need to do is move the blow dryer over the glue for a few seconds, then stick it to whatever surface you are trying to stick it to. Make sure to stay away at least 4 inches from the glue and the object.

4. Place A Standing Fan Over It To Make Glue Dry Faster

standing fan

This method is for those who neither have a blow dryer nor a heat gun to dry glue faster. Glue needs are and a little heat to make the adhesive stick more and hold together stronger. If the item you glued is small, just move the standing fan closer to it.

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If the object is large and long, you can use an occulting fan to dry the glue faster while the fan head rotates. If the glue isn’t sticking, it is not because it needs to try. There might have been dust on the surface when you lay it down, and you will need to reapply fresh glue.

5. Buy Fast Drying Glue To Make It Dry Faster

Not every glue is equal, and you might try all the methods above, and the glue will not dry as fast as you want it to. Cheaper glues can take hours to dry and have their full strength, while some more expensive glues, like gorilla glue and other major brands, will dry in minutes.

Whenever you are buying glue again. Read the instructions on the back of it or try and find how long the manufacturer says it will take to dry. Most expensive glues will take 15 minutes or less but if you want it to dry faster, just try one of the methods above.

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6. Blow On The Glue

Another way to make glue dry faster is by blowing on the glue with your mouth. The heat from your mouth and air will make the crew drive much faster than if you left it to dry on its own, sitting in one area.

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Final Thoughts: 

Getting glue to dry fast can save you time in so many ways, especially if you want to use the item immediately. Glue can be dried fast, but you still need to handle it with caution because the properties that make the glue or adhesive does take a few hours to bond together, even if the glue feels strong and steady.

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