How to Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

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How to Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

Roaches can come into anyone’s house because of food from the trash can. But having roaches in your electronics can damage them permanently. Some electronics do have parts and materials in them that roaches love, and getting roaches out of electronics can be hard.

Some roaches’ life span is between twenty to thirty weeks, and they can do a lot of damage in that time, especially if they are in your computer or a TV. If a roach finds food and water in your house, it will make itself comfortable by finding old clothes or electronics. Most of the time, they will try to go in electronics that are not used that often.

Note: Never pour or spray water into your electronics. Even if you have insecticides, spray from a distance so that the water particles from it can dissipate in the air before touching sensitive parts of the electronic. Do not spray insecticides in closed off electronics because the roaches will die inside, and you will not be able to get them out.

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Six Method To Get Roaches Out Of Your Electronic:

Below is six proven ways that I have done to get rid of roach that lived in my computer because I stopped using it. These methods are safe and will not kill the roach and have it stuck in your electronics.

1. Turn On The Electronic To Get The Roach Out

Roaches hate sounds, and that is the reason they will choose electronics that are not actively used so that they can build their home inside it. If you think the roaches have been in the electronic for over a period of time. Then there might be some damage caused by the roaches feces and other excrements coming from its body.

If the roaches just got into the electronics but refused to get out. Just tune on the electronic for a few houses, and the sounds and electrons from the parts on the inside will make the roaches feel uncomfortable and leave.

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2. Take Part Of It Off

A lot of electronics can be taken apart easily, even if you have no experience. If it is a TV, you can take the back off by taking out some screws. If it is a computer, you can take one side panel off, and even on some laptops, you can take the bottom off easily, and the roaches will run out if they see you.

If you are scared to do it, just ask someone else in your household, and they will do it. These parts were made to be taken off, but check the warranty to see if it will be voided if you do so.

3. Use Heat To Get The Roach Out

All insects hate too much heat and will stay as far away from it. This is why in method 1 works by turning on the electronic can get the roaches out without you doing too much work. But if that method didn’t get them out, you can use heat from your blow dryer to do so.

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All you need to do is point the blow dryer in a direction where some of the heat from it can get into the electronic safely from the wire and keep it on for 1 minute on the lowest setting. The roaches will feel the temperature change and get out as soon as they can.

4. Spray Essential Oil Around The Area

Essential oils should be in everyone’s house because they can make great homemade air fresheners of your liking. After drying different insect repellent methods, I discovered that insects like flies, bees, wasps, and more hate the smell of lavender, mint, cinnamon, and some other flavor essential oils.

The strong aroma from it either messes with their sense of smell, or they just hate the way it smells. All you need to do is add a few drops of essential oil to a spray bottle with warm water and shake it well, then spray it around the electronics. The scent will drive the roaches out of your electronics.

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5. Use Wind To Get The Roaches Out Of Your Electronic 

standing fan

Roaches and other insects hate when they are disturbed, so using a standing fan or any other fan to blow into the electronics will make the roaches feel uncomfortable and leave. If you do this often, they will not come back even if they have a home on the inside.

6. Clean Your Electronics 

This method is for people with computers, laptops, cameras, and other electronics that are held or touched by the hands often. Our hands sometimes have food on them, and if we touch electronics with them, the food aroma and food itself will be left on it.

Over time if you do not clean the electronics off, roaches will find them and make a home inside it because the food source is so near. If you eat and touch your electronics, just make sure to wipe them off when you are done.

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Final Thoughts:

Roaches can damage or even destroy your expensive electronics if they are left in there uncontrolled and you do not get them out. The methods above all work, and you can do them without worrying about the roach dying in your electronics. The last thing you want to do is spray insecticides on your electronics and have the roach dying side, and you cannot get them out. To prevent roaches from getting in your electronics in the first place is to simply clean your house more and get rid of trash and see if you have too much moisture in your house.

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