How to Keep Mice Away From Your Bed

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How to Keep Mice Away From Your Bed 

Whether or not you know it your house might have mice in it or underneath it. Mice like to live in warm and cozy areas so that’s why they will want to be near your bed if you start to see them. Keeping mice away from your bed is very important especially if you have kids because if they feel threatened they will bite and that can eventually give you an infection and bacteria that the mice are carrying.

What this article will do is teach you 9 ways that you can keep a nice away from your bed effectively so that you can sleep properly at night without worrying for your kids or yourself. Let us begin.

What Are Mouse?

A mouse is a small mammal that is used for pets in some places. You can easily identify them by their body length long tail, round ears, and pointed nose. House mice are one of the most common mice you will find. Mouses can spread bacteria if they get near your food or live too close to you so you need to ensure they are not in your house.

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1. Wash Your Feet

Growing up as a kid I normally hear my cousin’s father complaining about something biting his feet at night. Come to realize one day that it was a small Mouse that was biting on the part of his foot that smelled cheesy.

The reason why his feet became cheesy is that he wasn’t washing his feet properly and he wasn’t changing his socks often so the sweat from wearing the same socks over and over cause his feet to smell raw which will attract mice thinking that it is food.

To stop this you will need to wash your feet properly each night before you go to bed, and between your toes and change your socks often or even replace the shoes you are wearing if your feet keep smelling like this and attracting mice to your bed.


2. Change Your Sheets

Your sheets are the ones that absorb the sweat off your body and every other dirt that might be on your body. If you do not change your sheets often your bed will eventually start to have a very musty smell which mice like and will come to your bed because of it.

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Changing your sheets weekly or twice per week, this will eliminate dirt and other sweat from soaking and penetrating the mattress itself causing it to smell which will attract mice.


3. Remove Food From And Around Your Bed

At night I like to eat something to make me feel comfortable and when I’m done I just placed it on my bedside table. This is a bad habit because if I mouse smells the food and comes once and eats it, it will continue to come back at the same time and check to see if the same food is there and if it is there they would make it a habit to come around your bed and find food.

Do not just take the food and place it in a garbage bin in your room. You need to take the food and put it in the kitchen somewhere safe like the refrigerator or in the microwave where a mouse cannot go and find it. After a few days, by doing this you realize that the mouse will stop coming to look for food.

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4. Close Off Tiny Holes And Cracks

Let’s say your bed is clean your, sheets are clean there’s no garbage in your room or food source for the mouse, but you still see them running from underneath your bed and other places. Then you need to check the walls in your house to see if there are small cracks that mice can sneak through and get into the house.

A mouse can crawl through a small crack smaller than you think and get in your house because it is looking for somewhere too fine to live. Check the walls and seals of your house just to make sure there are no holes and underneath your house to see if the mice have built a home there already and get rid of them by calling an exterminator.


5. Remove Garbage In Your Room

A lot of us like the convenience of having a garbage bin in the room where we can do so through the garbage in the bin without getting out of bed. This will cause ants and mice to come to the garbage looking for food and if they find food there once. They will continue to come back over and over again.

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You can keep a bin in your room, but if you dump food in the bin. You need to empty the bin every day or every other day to prevent mice from coming around your bed and room.


6. Remove Nest Areas

A Mouse can use a lot of areas as a nesting place in your house or room. But you can take extra steps to prevent this from happening. You need to remove all the furniture, fold clothes and take them off the ground, do your laundry more often, and make sure the clothes in your drawer or closet are properly folded. 

A mouse likes when clothes are grouped together that are not folded because it’s cozier and they can hide themselves better in it. If you have other things in your room that you’re not using that you think a mouse might live in, you can toss them or place them somewhere else.

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7. Remove Old Furniture

Old furniture like chairs and sofas that have sponges or feathers in them will definitely make a perfect habitat for a mouse to live in and grow a family becomes they have a high breeding rate. Even if you cannot get rid of these furniture’s, check them to see if there are mice living in them.


8. Clean Your Mattress

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As I have mentioned in one of the previous methods, cleaning your sheets will eventually keep mice away from your bed, but if your mattress is really dirty you will need to clean the mattress itself.

This will remove any smell that the mice might like I need food I’ve gotten on the mattress this will remove it. There will be a link to a full article at the bottom of this page on how to clean your mattress with baking soda and other things to remove any odor or food from it.

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Another thing you can do as well is to check underneath your bed to see if you have anything stored under there that might make the mouse cozy enough to want to build a house there.


9. Set Traps For The Mice

Last but not least, if you realize that you are seeing too many mice then you might have an infestation and will need to call an exterminator or maybe buy some mouse traps on Amazon and try to catch them yourself. 

To know if you have an infestation you need to count how many mice you see every hour or every half hour or call an exterminator and tell them exactly what you are seeing and they will make the call for you and tell you they need to come.

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Final Thoughts:

A mouse will not come near your bed if it doesn’t have a reason to come near it. One of the main reason is food around the area of the bed that they are finding. Removing the food will definitely keep the mice away from your bed permanently if there is no other reasons as mentioned above that might have them come into your bed.

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