How to Get Weed Smell Out Of Car AC Easily

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How to Get Weed Smell Out Of Car AC

A car AC system is vital for heat and cooling your car during the summers and winters. But if you smoke in your car or a rental car the weed might get stuck in the AC system and you need to get it out as soon as possible because if it stays there for too long, it might stay in the car AC system vents.

Getting the weed smell out of the car AC system can be challenging if you overthink it. But this article will show you two effective methods to remove the weed smell from the car AC unit before anyone smell it or before you have to carry it into the rental car company.

Method 1: Clearing The AC Vents In The Car

car A/C vent opened

This method will use fresh air to circulate in the car and push out all the smell of the weed that was stuck on the inside of the vents.

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Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you need to do is wind down the windows of the car full. This will enable the air that comes out of the AC vent to blow right through the window instead of circulating in the car.

2. The next step you need to do is to turn off your air circulation in the car. This is a symbol in the car AC control unit where you see a small car with an arrow in it. This system is used for hot summer days when the car uses the air on the inside and circulates it in the car so the car doesn’t have to suck in air from outside. 

This is the reason why you keep smelling the weed in the car AC unit. The car is actually using the air that is in the car all ready for you to breed which smells like weed.

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3. To fix this you need to turn on the car and take it for a drive with the windows down on the AC on Max but with your circulation off and let the car suck in air from outside while cleaning out the AC vents with fresh air. Do this for 30 minutes or so on the car should smell this off weed or the weed smell will be gone entirely.

4. Do not do this with the car parking because the car AC unit will be under pressure to suck in air while it is standing still. Do this when the car is driving so it has a constant fresh air flow over the AC fans which suck in the air.

5. Once you have gotten most of the weed smell out of the car. You can spray some air freshener in the car to finish eliminating the weed smell. You can even spray the air freshener in the car land whine up the windows and turn on your Air circulation so the AC unit can circulate the air with the air freshener in it and sweeten the air in the car with fresh sweet-smelling air.

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This method works best for both your personal or a rental car if you borrow it and you smoked in it and you need to get the smell out of it.


Method 2. Changing Car Cabin Air Filter

This method should be used on your personal car because you will be taking things apart slightly. If you tried method 1 and it did not work, then try both this method and method 1 and your car should no longer smell of weed.

A car cabin air filter is the filter that filters the air from outside that entires your car so it smells less of outside smells. The car also uses it when the air circulation is on to purify the air since the car isn’t sucking in the fresh air. In 90% of vehicles, the cabin air filter is located where the glove box is right behind it.

Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you need to do is locate your car glove box and carefully detach the hock that holds it up. On most vehicles when you open the Glove box and you look far back at both end of the top, you will see the hook that stops it from coming straight forward. Either push the hocks inward or push them up slightly and push them inward and the glove box should come loose.

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2. Once the Gove box is loose. You will see the cabin air filter or a cover for it. Take out the cabin air filter and look for the model and order a new one. Some car cabin air filters can be washed, so if you can wash yours do so.

3. You should smell your car cabin air filter as well to see if it has a slight smell of weed and if it does. Then you know you have found the problem with your car AC unit smelling of weed.

4. Once you have replaced the air filter or washed it. Place it back in place and reconnect the Gove box and put the car AC on full blast with cabin air circulation off.

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Final Thoughts:

Smoking in the car isn’t a good thing, whether it is weed or cigarettes. The smoke itself will leave a sticky residue on the surface that it gets on even though you cannot see it or feel it that much. So if you smoke in your car consistently this method will not work. 

The only way this method will work is if someone smoked in your car when they shouldn’t have or you smoked in a rental car and you need to bring it in back but you need to get the weed smell out. Method one should work most of the time but if it doesn’t combine both methods one and two to get the best results possible.

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