How to Clean Bath Toys: Step By Step Guide

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How to Clean Bath Toys

Bath toys are great to have in your bathroom for your kids to play with. But over time, these toys will develop grease and dirt on them from the different showers you take. How to clean bath toys properly can be tricky if you do not want to bleach them out or fade the color. Below will be a step by step guide on the proper way to clean them using a few different tools, which will make it easy.

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You can clean the bath toys in the bathtub, but you will need to clean the bathtub properly first before you put them in it. What works best is using your kitchen sink to wash them out because you can stand and give them a proper cleaning without your back hurting.

Tools Need:

  • Sponge 
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Bleach
  • Toothbrush 

Steps To Take:

1. The first step you need to take is to gather all the toys you have from the different bathrooms in the house, so you do not forget them.

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2. Next, remove all the things in your kitchen sink and clog the hole and place all the bath toys in it. Fill the kitchen sink halfway with water or until the toys can move around freely or are submerged totally.

3. Add half cubs of dawn dish soap to the water and four tablespoons of bleach to the water. The bleach is to help get rid of bacteria and some of the slimes on the toys.

4. Now you can start to wash the toys. You can let the toys sit in the water for 30 minutes and then use the sponge and scrub the toys. Depending on how dirty the toys are, you will need to use a toothbrush and scrub some of the hard to reach areas.

5. When you are finished washing one of the toys, you can over your kitchen countertop with a paper towel and place them on it one by one until you have washed everyone.

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6 Now, you need to rinse the toys. Dump all the water in the kitchen sink and wash it out properly and refill it with warm water. This time rinse the toys one by one, so you can properly check them and see if they are properly clean.

7. Once you did that, you can place them back in your bathtub and let your kids play with them. If the toys are left in the bathtub each time you shower, you will need to wash them like this each week because kids will put the toys in their mouths, and they will get bacteria inside them.

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Final Thoughts:

Kid’s bath toys should not be left in the bathtub whenever you are showering because the grease from our bodies will get on the toys and make them much harder to clean and unsafe for your kids to play with. Giving the bath toys a slight wash every two days and a proper wash on the weekend will prevent dirt from building up and make it much easier to wash.

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