10 Ways to Keep A Room Cool That Faces The Sun

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How to Keep A Room Cool That Faces The Sun

Having a hot room that has a lot of heat in it can drive anyone crazy. Keeping a room cool that faces the sun isn’t that hard if you think about it. The main problem you would have is if you have a window that is letting in heat that is facing the sun.

If you have a window that is facing the sun that is letting in heat as well. I will have some solutions to fix that problem because this article will ensure that your room is as cool as possible when you are done so let us begin.

“Keep a room cool that is facing the sun by using an A/C, Fan, or tint your window to block the heat from entering. You can even use a standing fan facing the window to suck in cool air.”

How to Keep A Room Cool That Faces The Sun

1. Use An Air Conditioner 

Air conditioners are a great investment for hot rooms that faces the sunrise daily. This will definitely cool down your room within minutes. But the only drawback to using an A.C is the cost of it and how much it will cost to run.

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If when you do the math you can afford to use it, then go ahead and buy one. The methods below are other cheap alternative ways to keep a room cool that faces the sun.

2. Use A Fan To Cool Down The Room

standing fan

Air Conditioners can get prices and will increase your electricity bill by hundreds if you run them all day or through peak hours when electric consumption is more costly. A standing fan will do the job of cooling you down just the same as an A/C but not as cold.

A normal standing fan can work but I recommend getting a Vornado fan because they blow air in a special pattern that circulated the area in a room and keeps it cooler than a regular fan. 

They achieved this by angling the fan blade more which pushed more air. Placing one of these fans at the window will drop the room temperature by a good amount of degrees so you can enjoy your room more.

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3. Use Indoor Plants

Snake plants, spider plants, and peace lilies are some of the best plants that will cool down your room naturally if it is facing the sun. These plants range in different prices for example snake plants can cost from 10$-1000$ based on the size of the plant.

To find these plants just look up a local plant nursery near you and go there and find out about how to take care of these plants and get the right size for you. These plants along with a fan will make your room feel much cooler.

4. Open The Windows

stain on bathroom glass

This is the first thing that should come to your mind when the room starts to get hot because of the sun. Opening more than one window will create an in and out airflow especially if the windows are opposite of each other.

If the window you are opening faces the sun, make sure the blinds or curtains are closed so that the heat from the sun’s rays doesn’t penetrate the room and make it even hotter than before.

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5. Use A Humidifier 

If you ever wonder why the place is so much cooler when the rain is falling. This is because there is moisture in the air and the sound isn’t shining. When the sun is shining into a room that faces it that room will be extremely dry because of the sun. 

So it will hold heat more because no moisture is in the air to cool you down. A humidifier which is the opposite of a dehumidifier will create moisture in the air but not so much that it will cause mold or mildew to form.

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Just as I mentioned in the first paragraph. Your windows can be one of the problems as well if it is facing the sun too. The light can go right through it so you will need something to stop that sunlight from entering the room.

6. Install Tinted Windows

large window on house

In the car community, we call a car that has no window tint a fishbowl because sunlight goes right through it. This is the same for a window with no curtains or blinds at all. The sun will come right in and heat the room.

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If you do not like window blinds or curtains window tint is the best option you can go to if you want both privacy and sunlight protection from the heat. You can google house window tinting near you and the nearest one will come up.

When you are looking for window tint. Look for companies that offer ceramic window tints because these tints block more sunlight and keep the area cooler.

7. Use Dark Color Cloth Blinds

Regular blinds are great but they can still let in heat or sunlight. If window tinting isn’t an option then you need to install a dark cloth blind. These blinds work just the same as regular blinds but they will not let in any light and will even cool down the room too if you have an A/C running. 

The next benefit to them is that they will give you more privacy because no one can see your shadow when you’re moving at night. These blinds are easy to install and anyone can do it.

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8. Use Curtains To Block Sunlight

I love modern contemporary houses so curtains aren’t my thing but on a hot summer day when the A/C is on but the sub is coming through the window and causing the room to feel hot makes me rethink curtains.

Curtains are an extra decorative type of blind in my perspective. You can have your window open cooling down your room while your curtains are closed giving you 100% privacy. So if your room is hot because it is facing the sun install a curtain if you do not have one and it will block all that heat.

9. Install Awnings

An awning is a piece of fabric, plastic, or canvas that is stretched over a frame that goes over the window, doors that protect it from excessive sunlight and rain entering your room or house.

Awnings can come in different price ranges based on the size and what material it uses. An awning is so useful that you can open your window while it’s raining and 90% of the rain will stay out if it is not windy. This goes the same with sunlight facing the window.

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It will block the sunlight entering the room just as how a sun glassworks for your eye. I will link to some ( Awnings On Amazon ) that you can buy right now. Make sure to measure your window size before ordering.

10. Changing The Color Of The Room

If you like DIY projects then this method is for you. Since you cannot move the room or move the sun. What if you paint the room with a lighter color that doesn’t trap heat. Red, black, and other deep colors will hold heat longer than withe, gray, light blue, and some other colors.


Keeping a room cool that faces the sun will surely make your life better both in the days and night especially if you find your bed feeling damp and if you have pets this will also help them. A combination of a dark window fabric blinds and a fan with an awning over the window will block out the sun and make the room cooler. So you can combine some of these methods to get better results.

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