How To Make Your Salad Last A Month

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If you are a frugal person, you’ll want to get the most time out of your salad. No one likes having to throw out some of their veggies or salad because they have gone bad.


So here is a way to keep your salad for up to a month without it going bad.


This method is for leafy dry vegetables. You will be keeping them in a jar in your fridge, and you will need to keep the environment in that jar as dry as possible.



To begin the process, sort your vegetables and remove brown edges and parts that is already going bad. Wash your vegetables, and spread out on a clean surface to drain and dry as much as possible.



Cut your vegetables to the size you want them in your salad. You can choose to store only one type of vegetable per jar, or mix them as you desire.

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Make sure to use clean jars. Wash them properly and dry them before adding your vegetables. If there is water in your jars, it will reduce the life of your salad.



After you have properly cleansed and dried your jars, you can now add your vegetables. Remember, mix them if you want, or only store one type of vegetable per jar. If you choose to do one type per jar, you can still mix them when you are ready to eat.



Close your jars tightly and keep them in the fridge. You don’t want air getting into those jars, and you want to keep them cool in the fridge.


After air gets into the jar, the vegetables will start going bad. So you don’t want to open a jar until you are ready to eat those vegetables.



This method will be very convenient for you, as you won’t have to make your salad from scratch every evening for dinner.

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You can just open a jar, and your salad is already prepared. You will be able to complete meal with less work!



Using smaller jars is a good idea. It’s best to use up all the vegetables in a jar when you open it, so you can be eating your veggies while they are still fresh.


If you use small jars, you won’t have to worry about not being able to use up all the veggies in that jar, as it will be a small portion.



Also, when you are ready to add your salad to your meal, you can add other ingredients that you wouldn’t have stored in the jars. You can add your tomatoes, corn, peppers and whatever floats your boat!

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