Home Scent DIY: Simple Stovetop Potpourri

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If you are like most people, making your home smell great is a priority for you. It plays an important role in creating a nice ambiance.


It does not matter how beautifully you decorate if your home smells bland or like no one has lived there for a year or more.


Making a stovetop potpourri is a simple and easy way to get your home smelling as sweet as ever.


The smell of freshly baked treats can make your home smell wonderful. But maybe you do not always want to be baking for the main purpose of making your house smell good. That would be a waste of time and ingredients.



But what if you can get your house to have the aroma of freshly baked goodies all day long, without lighting your oven, or taking out your baking utensils? Of course, you can accomplish this by making a stovetop potpourri with simple ingredients you can find in your pantry or kitchen.

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You will be using your stovetop for this potpourri. But if you want to save on electricity or gas, you can use a slow cooker.


If you do this potpourri on low heat or flame on your stovetop for a few hours, it should not cost you a whole lot of electricity or gas though.



If it is winter time, and you have a wood stove burning for most of the day, you could do the potpourri on it.


This would be at no extra cost to you. And you would be making your home smell great while keeping it warm with the same equipment. You cannot get more frugal and econimical than that.





1 Large Apple


2 Oranges


3- 4 Cinnamon Sticks


4 Drops Of Your Favorite Essentail Oil





Cut the oranges and apple into thin slices. Put the fruit slices, cinnamon sticks, and essential oil in a saucepan. Simmer on stovetop for some hours. It is best to simmer on low heat.

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You will want to keep watching as you do not want the water to dry out. Keep adding water as you see it necessary.


If the pot dries out, you will not only have your house smelling awful from the burnt odor, but your pot will be damaged as well. So keep an eye on things so it all goes well.



You can use this stovetop potpourri as an all year round scent to make your home smell fresh and sweet.


You can also use orange peel instead of orange slices, and you will get the same nice aroma.

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