How To Polish Your Stainless Steel Sink With Flour

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Your stainless steel sink is supposed to be tough and impossible to start looking dull and ragged. The name suggest that, but that is not quite practical. Your sink will need some polishing at some point after all the wear and tear it goes through.



Cleaning your stainless steel regularly is a must. With all the dirty dishes, food and grease that get dumped into your sink, it won’t always look as shiny as it’s name suggests.



You will sanitize and remove stains from your sink by doing some cleaning. But you will also want to polish it to have it looking shiny and new after cleaning it.



You don’t have to polish your stainless steel sink as much as you clean it. You can maybe do some polishing once or twice per month. Or as much as you want to have your sink glistening.



The Process



Before polishing your sink, you need to clean it first. You don’t want to be polishing a sink that has stains and grease from food all over it. Plus, you want to make sure the drain is fresh and nice too.

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After cleaning, sprinkle some olive in your sink. This process only requires a tiny bit of oil. Now, spread the olive oil all over the sink. Make sure to properly rub in the oil.



Next, sprinkle some all purpose flour all over the sink. You will need to make sure you use a thick dusting of flour. Depending of your sink, a cup of flour or so might get the job done.



Now, use a soft cloth to buff the flour into the sink. You do not have to do all of your sink in one go, as you may feel more comfortable trying this method on one section first.

Keep buffing until all the flour and any other debris vanish from your sink. If you are liking the results, you can also polish your faucets, handles, rim and the rest of your stainless steel sink.



You can choose to use paper towel to do the buffing instead of the cloth. That would make for an easier clean up.


Tossing a well used piece of paper towel into the garbage bag or bin will end up being way easier than washing flour out of your kitchen towel or cleaning cloth.

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Your stainless steel sink should be glistening after you are done polishing it. It is something you might want to consider doing when you have guests coming over, and you want them to be impressed with your sparkling sink.

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