How to Get Birds Out Of Attic

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How to Get Birds Out Of Attic 

A bird in your attic will get annoying if it flies inside it by mistake. Getting the bird out of the attic might seem scary but it can be done. Birds sometimes fly into place when they are hiding or they simply got confused. The problem is that if they stay too long they will poo all over the things in your attic.

If your attic is large and can be walked around in. Then this will be much easier for you to get the bird out of your attic. If your attic is mall then it might be a problem to get them out but this article will fix that problem for you.

The Best Ways To Get Birds Out Of Attic

Here are 5 ways to get birds out of your attic in the easiest way possible without hurting the bird or getting attacked by birds. 

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Method 1. Leave Attic Door Open

If you have a large enough attic then you will have an entrance to it. This entrance can be the ladder you pull down out the door in the ceiling. When you open this door, the bird will want to fly into the house. But it is much easier to get the bird out of your house.

To do that you need to open a few windows and doors so when the bird comes storming out of the attic. It can find an exit right away without flying around creating any other additional mess. The bird will not try to attach you so do not worry about that, it will be too scared.

Method 2. Open Attic Window

Most attics will have a small window if it is large enough. If yours has a window, you need to open it and leave it open and give the bird a few hours to fly out on their own. If the bird got in the attic by mistake then it will find its way out on its own.

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Method 3. Give The Bird Some Time To Leave

As I have mentioned in some of the methods above that a bird will fly in your attic most of the time by mistake if it’s not trying to find somewhere to build its home. When this happens the bird will eventually want to leave because it realizes it’s in the wrong place.

The only time you really have a problem is when the bird finds the attic comfortable and wants to build a home. This is why it is important that when you realize a bird is in your attic you try to get it out as fast as possible and pay attention to it.

Method 4. Play The Birds Predator Sound

This method might sound weird to you but every bird has a predator out there. When a bird here is a predator sound it will immediately try to escape or find a safe area. Imagine if the bird hears the predator sound coming from in the house or in the attic it will immediately want to get out without hesitating.

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To do this is really simple and easy. Birds have a really sensitive hearing and you can even use your phone to play the predator sound by going on YouTube and Google an eagle or hawk making a sound on a plate in the attic or near to the attic where the bird is on the bird will fly out immediately or in a few minutes.

Method 5. Catch The Bird If You Can

This method is for when the bird entered the attic using a small hole from the outside or if any of the methods above didn’t work. A bird can squeeze through a small gap from the outside and enter the attic and form a nest to have its babies. This will create a problem because you might have to take off part of the wood on your house to get the bird out of the attic and catch it.

If the bird didn’t enter the attic in that way, you can crawl or walk into your attic and set a small bird trap and catch the bird and let it go somewhere else if it wasn’t trying to build a home and was just simply lost.

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How To Prevent Birds From Coming Into Your Attic

Preventing birds from getting in your attic in the first place is the best solution. Below you will find two ways that will 100% work with keeping birds out of your attic and from building a nest there.

1. Close Off Entrances:

Birds are actually really small if you take their feathers off of them. What this means is that they can squeeze through tiny gaps between water or other things to get into areas where they want to get. Especially small birds sometimes they can fit into gaps as small as coins. So I would recommend if you have a lot of birds around your house to hire someone to check around your house to see if there’s any entrance your bird can use to either get in the siding or the attic.

2. Set Up Bird Repellents:

Birds have repellent just like how you have a repellent for other insects. You might not know this repellent. But if you have seen a long shiny metal thing shaking around in a person’s yard then that is actually a bird repellent. Birds hate the glistening off of the chrome shiny objects and will stay far away from it so. If you have this in your yard birds will not try to come near your house. Link to bird repellent 

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Final Thoughts:

Getting the bird out of your attic isn’t that hard because the majority of the time it flew in there by mistake. If the bird decides to create a nest in the attic then methods 5 and 4 will be the option to get rid of the bird. You can also time the bird when it flies out and close off the entrance that it uses.

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