How to Strain Without A Strainer

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How to Strain Without A Strainer 

I love cooking, and sometimes I need something to be strained. My strainer is currently damaged and has a large hole in it, but I wanted to strain some pasta. Knowing how to strain without a strainer is an important skill you need to learn if you are cooking in the kitchen.

Growing up, I use to use the methods that I will show you, even to strain coffee. These methods will not require you to purchase anything, and you can use whatever you have in the kitchen if you see what you have in any of the methods below.

Easiest Ways To Strain Things Without A Strainer 

Below are 6 easy ways to strain any food without a proper strainer, and you will have the same or similar results as if you used a strainer. Before you try these methods, make sure the object or thing is cleaned before.

Method 1. Coffee Filters To Strain

Coffee filters are in the majority of our house because we love to drink coffee in the morning. We might not have the large coffee filters that you see and commercial coffee makers. But we can buy some and have them in the house just in case we want to make our own coffee.

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If you do have large coffee filters in your house, you can use it just as if you were using a strainer. The way this work is by placing the food item in the coffee filter and then lifting the coffee filter up in suspense and letting the food strain. You can use it for pasta for washing rice, and a lot more food items. Just use it as if it was a strainer.

Method 2. Tongs To Use As Strainer 

As a cook, or even if you’re not a professional cook or a rookie. A tong will always be in everyone’s kitchen because no one would want to keep their hands in hot water or in hot oil.

The only method a tong would not work on is if it was rice you are trying to strain, and there will be another method that would work for rice as well.

To use the tong to strain your food without the strainer. All you need to do is pick up the food with a thong and hold it in the air and allow all the water or any sort of liquid to drop off the food until it is fully dried to the point where you’re comfortable with it.

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Method 3. Use Cloth 

This method originated in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, older people usually make hot chocolate in the morning from the natural cocoa that they picked and made off the trees. What I normally see them do is get a very clean cloth and poor the boiled chocolate powder in it and strain it over a large container.

When you look in the container, you will not see any cloth or any thick lumps of chocolate, and it tastes smooth as well. You can actually use this method to distrain any food item that you have in your kitchen cooking, whether it is rice, pasta, and a lot more things.

Method 4. Use A Cover To Strain It

Using a cover strain, your food should be the first thought that comes to your head. The way to do this is quite simple, but you can actually ruin what you are cooking if you are not careful by letting it fall because of the heat that is coming from the food and you’re so close to it.

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To do this method, all you need to do is place the food in another large container that has a cover and cover the container 90% of the way until the container and let the liquid slowly leak out. In less than a minute, your food should be liquid free or good enough to can use the way you want it to use.

Method 5. Use A Spoon With Slotted Holes

A spoon with holes in it is really important in the kitchen when you’re cooking, but did you know you can actually use it to strain food? The spoon was made to mix things around in a pot without moving the water too much around and only moving the food.

Do use this type of spoon as a strainer, all you need to do is please the food on the spoon and allow the water to fall off the food while you hold it in the air.

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Method 6. Make An Homemade Strainer

Making a homemade strainer is an awesome way to actually have a backup strainer just in case your main strainer breaks again. Making this strainer is quite easy, all you need to do is get a container with a cover that you’re willing to lose and punch tiny holes in the cover that is enough that it can drain the water out and not let the food come out.

Once you have made the holes. Play some food in the container and put the cover on and flip it over and let the water drip right out as if it was a proper strainer you had.

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Final Thoughts:

Now that you have learned some amazing ways to strain your food without a strainer. You might end up continuing to use these methods. These hacks are great to know, and you should keep them in mind just in case this happens to you somewhere else, and you do not have a strainer.

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