How to Get Rid Of Bees In Siding

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How to Get Rid Of Bees In Siding 

Having a bee or a few bees in the siding of your house can be annoying, especially when you are sleeping at night. There is a 50% chance that you might have a bee infestation when you see a bee going back and forth in the siding of your house. But if you see the bee or hear it and it sounds like just one.

Then getting rid of the bee in the siding will be easy using the methods below that I have come up with that is safe and will not get you stung or put you in harm’s way. So let us begin to get rid of that bee out of your walls and siding of your house.

Ways To Get Rid Of Bees In Siding Of Your House:

Below will be detailed guides on how got get rid of bees in the sidings of your house easily. But the first thing you need to confirm is that you do not have a bee infestation before you try any of the methods so that you do not wake them all up and create a bigger problem.

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Method 1. Call An Exterminator

The first thing you need to do when you hear or see a bee going into the siding of your house is to check for signs of an infestation. This will prevent you actually waking up or irritating the bee hive and causing yourself a much bigger problem when they come out and starts to attack you.

Signs To Look For:

* If you see more than one bee going in and out of the siding of your wall and house.

* If you hear a lot of bees in the siding.

* Seeing more bees around your house more often than usual.

* If there is a hole where the bee is circulating.

There are more signs that might point to you having a bee infestation. But the ones above that I pointed out will be the most common sight that you have an infestation. If you see anyone of them or most of the signs, then you need to call an exterminator and have them professionally remove the bees from the siding of your house.

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Method 2. Smoke Out The Bees

Smoke calms bees down that is what you will see beekeepers use smoke each time they are doing something with the hive or try to go near it if the bees are acting up. Even if the bees aunt acting up, the smoke will put them in a relaxing state if you use the right amount.

Using too much smoke, though, will actually make them leave the area or kill them if you want to go that extreme. You might be wondering how you would smoke the bee out. You can actually buy a bee hive smoker for 20$ on amazon, or you can roll a thick piece of toilet paper together and light it and place it at the entrance to the hole where the bees are getting in. Make sure to watch it so that it doesn’t catch fire. But I would recommend getting the bee hive smoker.

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Method 3. Give The Bees Time To Leave 

A bee sometime will get lost when it’s trying to find its way back to its hive. Or I might see a hole in the siding off your house and fly into it and get lost. When this happens, the bee will need some time to find its way back out of the siding off your house, and this might take a few hours or days.

If the be isn’t bothering you too much and you’re willing to wait, then this method is perfect for you, and it will work the majority of the time on the beach and will leave the siding of your house within a few hours.

Method 4. Find The Opening And Close It

Finding the opening in the siding of your house that allows the bee to fly in is the most important thing you can do. This will actually prevent other bees from getting into the siding. What this will do is starve the bee to death if it is still in the siding within a day or so.

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But if want to wait until the bee is out of the siding, you can do that and then cover the hole up with sealant or some transparent silicone that is not visible to the human eyes up close or far away.

Method 5. Spray Insecticides In The Siding 

Last but not least is spraying insecticide inside the hall off the siding of your house, and this will exterminate the bees on any other insect that might be hiding in the side of your house. Just be mindful that not all insecticides will get rid of the insects immediately, it might take a few hours or minutes. 

So just look out for other insects coming out of the wall or coming into your house through vents but die shortly afterward because the insecticide takes some time to work. If you don’t want this to happen, buy an insecticide that works fast on insects.

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Final Thoughts:

Having bees in the siding of your walls most of the time means you have an infestation, so you need to be careful. If you do not have a bee infestation, then the other methods are safe to use, and you will not get stung. The majority of the time, the bee will leave when it gets hungry if it got in there by mistake.

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