Vinegar Uses

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Vinegar Uses

Every single house will have a bottle of vinegar in it. And we use it to cook our foods only, but what will surprise you is that vinegar has a lot of uses in other areas. You can use it to get rid of ground molds, wasps, flies, and so much more things. This article will show you the best ways that you can use it.

1) Clean glass

If you don’t have a glass cleaner at home, then you don’t have to worry. Vinegar can clean your mirrors spotless. All you need to do is add some vinegar to a spray bottle with a microfiber cloth and spray the window then clean it.


2) How to get rid of wasp with vinegar

Wasps can be very dangerous if you have kids around, even for adults as well. I grew up with them and now I have 3 permanent scars on my face from wasps. Little did I know vinegar can repel wasps because of the acid and the acidic smell of it. All you need to do to get rid of the wasp is add some white distilled vinegar to a spray bottle and carefully spray the wasp nest from a distance. When they fly away from you and it is safe, you can go and take the nest down to get rid of it.

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3) How to get rid of house flies with vinegar

Sometimes if we leave our screen doors open for too long flies can come in. Sometimes these flies are from our garbage bins that are in our house most of the time. To get rid of the house flies, simply clean the area with vinegar and empty any garbage bins that might have food in them. The flies will hate the acid from the vinegar and stay away, but you also need to find the reason why the flies are there in the first place and get rid of that reason. Most of the time that place just needs a proper cleaning.


4) How to get rid of ground moles with vinegar

Ground molds can be a disaster if you allow them to dig up your yard. Most time we will need to call a professional exterminator to get rid of them. But they can be a bit expensive sometimes. You can try this home method to see if you can get the ground mold to relocate to somewhere else. All you need to do is to pour the raw white vinegar into the hole when they live and see if they will leave. Ground molds hate vibrations so you can add a little of that like stamping or playing music on the ground.

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5) How to kill ants with vinegar

Getting rid of ants is one of the most common things we do in our house. The big problem with this is that we tend to use toxic and dangerous chemicals on areas like your countertops, cabinets, and on floors. If you have kids and pets, this can become really dangerous. What you can do is use white distilled vinegar and spray the ant’s nest or where you see them coming from and they will avoid that area. It will even kill the ants, so you can pour the bottle into their nest when you are done.

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6) Insect repellent

You can add vinegar to a spray bottle and spray it anywhere you see you have insects. If you hate using those toxic sprays, which is so unhealthy for you, then you definitely need to use this. If you see a spider, you can spray it, and you will be good.

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7) Soften chicken when cooking

This trick is a cooking hack I learned from my grandmother and my mother. Whenever I see them cooking chicken, and they want the chicken to be softer, they just add two tablespoons of vinegar to some water and place the chicken in the water and leave it for a few minutes.

You will see some lines forming on the chicken like its breaking down, you can now wash the chicken again and season it, then cook it the way you want. The chicken will be so much softer.


8) Wash vegetables with vinegar and baking soda

Before you eat vegetables and fruits from the supermarket you need to wash and clean them to kill any bacteria that’s on them, the next thing is, there are a lot of chemicals on the fruits and vegetables to preserve them so you will need to wash them properly.

Add two tablespoons baking so to a bowl and then add two cups vinegar. Now you can add some warm water to the bowl slowly while you wash the vegetables and fruits off. You can let them sit for five minutes in the water then give them a regular wash after you have done that and there ready to be eaten.

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9) Cleaning silverware with vinegar

If you have food marks and other things on your silverware, do not throw them away, you can clean them without doing too much work. Get a container from your kitchen that’s large enough so that the silverware can be totally submerged in the water.

Add two cups of vinegar to the bowl with hot water, so the silverwares are totally covered, and leave them for an hour. All you need to do now is take them out and use a microfiber cloth and wipe them off, and they will look good as new again.

10) Remove odor from your garbage bin using bread

Your garbage bin will definitely have an odor if you use it. You might take out the garbage and wash the bin, and you will still smell something coming from it. This trick I use looks wired, but it works, all I did was get a slice of bread and soak 80% of it in vinegar and place it in the bottom of the bin. I place the bread on something so it won’t mess up the bottom of the garbage bin if you are going to continue to use it the same day.

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11) Vinegar on your furniture

If you have a cat and he is ruining some of your furniture, all you need to do is spray a small amount of vinegar on the furniture and the cat won’t try to scratch it or go on it. For some reason, cats hate the smell of vinegar and will stay away from it.

12) How to use vinegar to kill weeds

I was sitting in the kitchen one day looking at some weeds and grass that I didn’t like. I always hated using weed killers because they are so toxic and if you have pets and kids you have to be really careful when you use it.

One product that I love to use and clean with is vinegar. So I figure if it can kill bacteria maybe it can kill grass and weeds as well. So I did the experiment and it works, in a few hours, the grass and weeds leaves were starting to burn off.

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The vinegar has a strong odor though, so I add two tablespoons of dawn dish soap to a 16/ oz spray bottle with a half cup of water. To my surprise, the leaves on the weed were burning off even faster when I tried the new mixture on a different set.

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So you can use this method to kill weeds or grass if you don’t want to use toxic chemicals. If you still smell vinegar when you spray them, just leave it, the sun will kill the odor of the vinegar. Be careful not to make it touch your flowers it will burn them and kill them. For me, it killed 90% of the weed and left some that looked like lawn grass which I think it is.

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13) How to clean drain with baking soda and vinegar

After you have finished cleaning your shower and everything in your bathroom, if an odor is coming from your shower drain, you can add some vinegar to the drain and let it sit there for an hour before anyone can use the shower.

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This method will deodorize the drain, and if you want to clean it, even more, you can add a quarter cup of baking soda. Add the quarter cup of baking soda to a large container you have then add two cups of vinegar and mix it and pour it into the drain.

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