Ways To Use Aluminum Foil That You Didn’t Know

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Aluminum is used in so many things we have. Aluminum foil can be used to clean and make doing somethings much easier in your house.


Most of these hacks I use them daily or twice for the week, so I’m sure you will find most of these hacks useful.


Everyone should know this, aluminum foil cannot go in the microwave, so I always advise anyone that before you put something in the microwave check to see if it has aluminum foil in it. Do that with only things that look like it would have it.


Stove Top Cover


Cooking some things on the stove can end with a big disaster. Food gets in the burner and can even damage the stove when it gets on the inside.


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What I do to prevent that is, I cut out a piece of aluminum foil paper and line the burner with it. This prevents food from getting on the inside of the stove.



If your stove has burners that you can be taken out, you can line the stove with aluminum foil paper to prevent anything from getting on it.


I do this when I’m making a big dinner when we have a get-together so I won’t have to clean the stove off when I’m done, I just remove the foil paper.


Make A Funnel


Has this ever happened to you? You decided to pour something out, and you realize that you need a funnel to do so, but when you check everywhere in your house, you don’t have any.



What you can temporarily do is make a funnel with the foil paper. All you need to do is cut a piece of foil paper two foot across and roll one edge leaving an opening in the middle till a funnel is created.

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Keep Food At The Right Temperature 


If you have a baby most times, you open something to give them, and they don’t want it, so you have to put it in the refrigerator because it can’t stay out.


The problem with this is the food will come out cold, and you know cold food will cramp your teeth if you eat it like that.


What you can do to stop it from getting too cold is wrap the food in foil paper so it won’t get too cold. If you have a juice for them, you can cover the entire thing with foil paper, and it won’t get too cold.


Clean Grill


After smoking some corn, making burgers, and grilling beef, that grill will be a mess, and if you don’t clean it properly, you will have problems when old food keeps building up.


You can crush some foil paper together and scrub the grill off. This will come in handy if you don’t have the brush to clean the grill.

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Use To Set Traps


If I see ants coming in the house too off, I can simply set some poison for them. The problem with that is you need to put the poison in something that can be flexible so that you can place it anywhere.


Just place some of the poison on the foil paper and place it wherever you want that’s safe.


Steam Food Or Use As Cover


If you have a pot and you don’t have a cover for it, you can use foil paper to cover the pot just by taking a sheet and wrapping it over the top of the pot.


If you want to keep the temperature of the food after you finish cooking it, you can just cover the top of the pot with the foil paper as well right after you turn off the stove.


Line Baking Pans 


Each time I bake chicken or anything in the over, I hate putting the chicken on the pan just like that, even if the pain is a nun stick pan. You can cut the foil paper 4 inches longer than the oven pan and line the pan with it.

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This method will even make cleaning the pan much easier, you can spray cooking spray on the foil paper too, even though it won’t stick.

Sharpen scissors 




A quick and easy way to sharpen your scissors is to cut a sheet of foil paper with the scissor. Make sure to cut each time at a different angle so you won’t dull scissors at the same time, you can give it about 15 cuts, and your scissors will be as sharp like it was new and the foil will also shine the scissors.

Cleaning Your Iron


Over time, the bottom of your iron will get dirty. One of the worse things that can happen is to have something touch it when its hot, especially if its plastic.


The plastic will be impossible to clean off, what you can do is let the iron cool off and crush some foil paper in a ball and scrape the plastic or anything that’s on the iron bottom.

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