The Quickest And Easiest Way To Clean Your Glass Stove Top Or Any Stove Top In Less Than 2 Minutes

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Not all of us like to cook, but those who like to will know the problems that we face. No matter the material of the stovetop, cleaning up the mess after your finish cooking can be hard, especially if its oil.


Normally you have to wash the stovetop off with soap then cleaning it and give it plenty of washes to remove the grease and food marks.


I always try to find the simplest ways to do stuff that will save time,  but not to forget cost-effective as well. This cleaning method can work on any stovetops.


The Things You Will Need

Baking Sada



The Cleaning Process


The first thing you will need to do is remove everything off the stove; this includes the burners as well if they can be removed.


I do that because food can be trapped underneath them and build up over time and can be impossible to remove when it’s baked on.

Vinegar Uses


My stove is electric, and the burners can be removed, so if you have a glass stovetop, this will be even easier to clean because you don’t have to take out the burners.


Squirt some dawn on the stovetop from one end to the other in three rows. Sprinkle some baking soda on the stove, make sure to sprinkle it evenly and then add two tablespoon vinegar.



Use a regular sponge that you have in your kitchen to wash the stove off. If the sponge cannot go into some of the corners of the stove, you can use a soft brush to get into those corners.



After you have done that and satisfied that you have clean each area of the stovetop, you can now use a piece of paper towel or dishcloth or microfiber cloth to wipe the stove off, and you are done.


The baking soda helps to get out those food marks, and the vinegar helps to remove any odor off the stove, and the dawn removes the grease.

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This process took me less than two minutes, and normally I would be cleaning the stove for 10 minutes or more to remove the grease on it.


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