Some Of The Best Ways You Can Use Magic Eraser

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For me, the most significant sell point of the magic eraser is the material that its made of. 


It’s hard enough to clean most surfaces along with a proper cleaning agent.


 The material that makes the magic eraser is strong but not indestructible, so be careful with it on surfaces that can cut it or rip it apart.


I use it mostly on is glass, it works amazingly on it. The cleaning solution I use is homemade.


 Its one part rubbing alcohol with one part water, 50/50. I use the pure rubbing alcohol on some surfaces that I know that it will not damage.



Car windows 


I hate when I’m driving, and I look at my car windows; I see dirt on them, it is so annoying.

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 What I do to have my windows looking clean all the time is to have a small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol that can hold in the glove compartment.



 I think every person should have a microfiber cloth in there car, so when it rains, and they open their doors, they can wipe the water off there window control to prevent the water from damaging the window control.  



What I do is spray the alcohol on the four corners of the windows and one in the center.


Use the magic eraser in a circular motion and then go around the eject of it. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the window off, and you are done, this took me less than a minute.


Cleaning computer 


Working on the computer all the time will have it looking messy. My keyboard looked messy, and that’s from eating while using it, which we can’t prevent. It’s a fact that when using the computer you will tend to feel to eat more. 

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Most of us have a MacBook, and if it’s not the 16 inches, then you will have the butterfly keyboard. 



There is a slight flaw with these keyboards. If dust gets underneath the keys, they will stop working. 


You see where I’m getting at, usually sponges may be too hard on the keys and screen, but the magic eraser works great. 



I use just mix one part rubbing alcohol and one part water and spray it on the magic eraser and wipe the screen and keyboard off. I use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen to prevent any streaks.


 If I had just use rubbing alcohol, there would be none, but I didn’t want to use the pure rubbing alcohol on it, so I mixed it.


Remove Crayon Marks


We all know the struggle when your kids mark the walls with crayons. No matter how much you tell them not to write on the wall ,they still do it.

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Lucky magic eraser will remove the marks easily in no time. What I do to make the magic eraser last longer is to cut it in half, this will allow you to use it multiple times on the marks that your kids will keep creating again.



Clean Vents


Cleaning your vents will be easy with the magic eraser. All you need to do is wet the magic eraser and clean the vent.


This worked perfectly when I needed to clean the vent on the Dehumidifier in my basement.


Cleaning White Shoes


Keeping them clean and looking bright white is the hardest thing, especially when their enemy is grass. Just walking in them will leave marks on them, well we can’t do anything but clean them afterward.


What I do to bring them back to the stage where they look brand new is to combine the magic eraser with some whitening toothpaste and clean the shoes off.

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One will clean it and the other will whiten the shoe so it will last you longer so you won’t have to buy the next pair that fast because the one you have looks old.

Cleaning The Door Glass


Same as how cleaning your windows is important, so is the glass on your door.


The cleaning method for cleaning your windows will not work on the doors because the glass will be too small, so the magic eraser will be perfect for this situation.



Spray some of the rubbing alcohol on the glass and use the magic eraser to wipe it down.


Do not let it air dry, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down to prevent any streaks from forming.


Clean My Window Screens 


Now that the glass in your doors is looking amazing, you will need to clean off the screen on the screen door or your window screens. If the screen door screen isn’t that dusty you can just wet the magic eraser with some cleaning agent and wipe it of.

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You may need to open the window to let the dust out. This is a quick and easy way to do reduce dust from coming into your house as well.


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