How To Clean Your Baseboards Without Kneeling

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How To Clean Your Baseboards Without Kneeling

Baseboards, we all have them in our house, and you might be wondering how to clean your baseboards in the easiest way possible. This article will teach you how to clean your baseboards without kneeling or bending your back in easy steps. This will stop you from getting any back pain at all that might have been caused by cleaning your baseboards. You will never kneel again to clean your baseboards, I can promise you that.

Baseboards are a pain to clean in every way possible and we do not know what to use to clean them, and the bad part about it is, we have them in every room you can think of. What hurts the most is that I have a bad back and I need the easiest way to clean baseboards. Each time I bend for too long, I will feel a stabbing pain; imagine cleaning a baseboard with a back like that.

A bad back and knee plus cleaning baseboards is a recipe to go straight to the hospital. You do not want to be kneeling or bending.

 I love seeing a clean house because it annoys me to see the slightest mess anywhere, even water stains on baseboards drive me crazy. When I was sitting in the kitchen one day, I decided that I would not move until I came up with a method to clean my baseboards quickly and easily.

Materials Needed to Clean Your Baseboards 


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Large Microfibre Cloth

Rubber Bands


Spray Bottle 


Why I Made A Baseboard Cleaning Tool

Here’s how I came up with the easiest way to clean baseboards. Growing up, I use to use a broom to sweep the house, and we had hardwood floors. The way we shine the hardwood floor was by using a cloth and polish it.

That was when I was young and in my prime, full of energy. My parents always wanted to see the house looking amazing.  If we sat on the sofa and got out, we had to make sure everything was neat and nice, just like how we saw it when we first saw it.

So putting the cloth and the broom together would create a very effective way to clean the baseboards without bending or even touching them with your hands, which is amazing.


Baseboard Cleaning Tool You Need To Make

Step 1

Place two elastic bands on the slim part of the broom. Make sure to place the elastic bands over the slim section of the broom, so the broom runs through the bands. This is if you have a small broom.

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If you have a larger broom, you can turn it upside down and put the microfiber cloth over it, and make sure both sides are equal.

Broom and micro fiber cloth cleaning baseboards

Step 2

The microfiber cloth will not fully cover the part of the broom that sweeps the floor, so use three rubber bands to hold it down. Now that you did that, place the microfiber cloth flat on the ground and place the broom on the microfiber cloth. The end of the broom should not go past half of the microfiber cloth.


Step 3

Fold the end of the microfiber cloth that’s left out over the broom. Use one of the elastic bands and wrap them around the slim section. 

It should be near enough to the end that you can double wrap it. The second rubber band, you can now use it to wrap it around the broom 3 inches down from the next rubber band, and you are done.

The spacing depends on the size of your broom, so space it and use the amount of rubber band you want till you feel it holds it properly.

Micro fiber cloth



How To Clean Baseboards Without Kneeling or Bending

If you choose to make your own cleaning solution. You can mix one part vinegar and one part water in a small spray bottle 50/50 ratio. You can either spray the baseboard or the bottom of the microfiber on the broom. This is an easy baseboard cleaning solution that doesn’t have a harsh smell like bleach.

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Step 1

Cleaning baseboards with broom

Place the broom on the baseboard at a 30-degree angle and move left to right when you are cleaning the top of the baseboard.

Step 2

You can use the sides of the broom to clean the side of the baseboard or the bottom of the broom as well. If the microfiber didn’t catch all the dust, some may be on the ground so just use the vacuum to clean it up.

Cleaning baseboards without bending

Steps 3

To clean the corners of the baseboard where it meets the next piece of wood, all you need to do is use the extreme edge of the broom. If the microfiber cloth won’t allow you to go that far, just shift it a little an inch or two and then you can use the broom and get into the crease.

If you have sticky floors, here is an article to slove that problem. Cleck on this link.


How To Clean Painted Baseboards To Get Back The Color

Over time the color of the baseboard will start to change and it won’t look that white again, you can spray some hydrogen peroxide on the baseboard and use the broom with the microfiber cloth and wipe it down, make sure to use a clean microfiber cloth to do so.

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Cleaning Baseboards Trim On Stairs

Cleaning the baseboard on the stair can be tricky if you do not want to bend or if you have a bad back. The only safe cleaning method for a person like that is to stand which is the tricky part.

You can use the same cleaning tool that you use to clean the regular baseboards in your house. To clean the baseboards on the stair, you need to spray them down with the cleaning solution you made or if you use a regular cleaning solution you buy from the store.


1. Place the broom on top of the baseboards starting at the bottom of the stair. Slowly walk up the stair while holding pressure on the broom to clean the top of the baseboard until you reach the top. Make sure to watch each step you make and ensure each toy or item is off the stair so you do not trip over them.

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2. To clean the side of the baseboards, you will need to repeat the same process above, but only on the side this time. You will need to go in an up and down motion to go around each stair.


How to Clean Baseboards In General

Some people do not mind bending to clean baseboards. The methods below are some easy ways to clean baseboards that might require a little more effort to clean those trims.

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr clean magic eraser is well known. This product can clean a lot of delicate areas in your house without damaging anything. This cleaning process involves bending. Place some dawn dish soap in a spray bottle, mix with water and spray the baseboards evenly. You can now use the magic eraser to scrub the baseboards down and restore their original color.

2. Vacuum Cleaner 

We all have a vacuum at home, but if you have a vacuum that can be detached at the end to add on a smaller suction end. You can use that end to clean the top of the baseboards. This method will only clean the top, so the sides of the baseboards will still have on a little dust.

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3. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets work great on trapping dust because of the material that it is made of. Simply place the dryer sheet in one hand and run it across the baseboard. It will get rid of every dust on it.

4. Broom Or Brush

The broom alone can clean the baseboards, but not as effective as when you add the microfiber cloth to it. Just Use the broom and sweep off as much dust as you can.

5. Baby Wipes 

Using the baby wipes on the baseboards to clean them can benefit you in a lot of ways. It can get off a lot of dirt or dust that is stuck onto the baseboards. This will also allow you to restore the paint on the baseboard that seemed like it was fading. This method is great for clean stained baseboards.

Best Things To Clean Baseboards With

These are some tools you can buy to clean your baseboards with if you do not want to build your own.

Vacuum Extender Pipe

Baseboard Buddy

Chomp Long Handle Dust Mop


How To Prevent Dust Build Up On Baseboards

To not have your baseboards looking really bad, you can use this method to clean them weekly. This will prevent them from gathering too much dust, especially in the corners.

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Baseboard Cleaning Tips To Know

Some random tips and tricks that you can use to make cleaning your baseboards really easy. Some of these tips will even stop you from damaging your baseboards while cleaning them.

1. Leave the heater on high for a few minutes to loosen up some of the dust that might be stuck on the baseboards. This applies to people who live in colder weather areas.

2. If the dust is sticky on your bathroom baseboards, take a hot shower and the steam will loosen up everything on the baseboards and even the dust on your bathroom walls as well.

3. Never use harsh chemicals on your baseboards that might peel the paint off.

4. Only use soft material cloth or sponges to clean your baseboards to prevent paint strips just like on your kitchen cabinets.


How To Prevent Water Damage On Baseboards 

Natural wood baseboards can be easily damaged by moisture if it is not pressure treated. Pressure-treated wood is wood that they treated with chemicals to preserve it from moisture and insects. In a really expensive house, you will see this wood in the bathroom shower around the windows.

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1. Only use pressure-treated wood in areas of your house for baseboards that have a lot of moisture, like your bathroom.

2. Make sure your house is well insulated to block out moisture from the walls.

3. Close all windows if it is raining outside so water doesn’t blow in the house. Some people will leave their windows slightly open.


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