How to Get Tree Sap Out Of Your Carpet In 4 Ways

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How to Get Sap Out Of Carpet

There are two ways I can think of that might cause you to get tree sap on your carpet. One from putting up your natural Christmas tree and the other from your kids playing outside and coming in with the tree sap on their hands. Getting tree sap out of your carpet is totally different from removing it from your hands because you cannot take your carpet out and wash it that easily.

Depending on the type of carpet you have you will need to be more careful of how much pressure and pulling you do because that can pull out the fibers in your carpet so with that being said let us get to removing the tree sap from your carpet.

To quickly get tree sap off your carpet freeze it with a bag of ice cubes for 30 minutes then pick the tree sap off with your fingers.


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1. Use Rubbing Alcohol On Tree Sap

rubbing alcohol on countertop

Rubbing alcohol is a great and safe product to use on your carpet if it has tree sap stuck to it. The rubbing alcohol will dry out the tree sap and allow you to pick it right off the carpet. To do this wet a thick folded piece of paper towel or cloth and blot the area with the tree sap and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Once the 30 minutes are up you can pick the tree sap off the carpet with a knife or use your fingers to take it off. Repeat this process if needed.


2. Get Tree Sap Off Your Carpet With Ice Cubes

Freezing anything will loosen it from any surface and this works the same with tree sap. The ice cubs will not totally freeze the carpet it will only stiffen the tree sap so it can be pulled off the carpet with your fingers or using a knife to help you.

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The best way to use the ice cubes is by placing 10-15 of them in a zip lock bag depending on the size of the tree sap stain on your carpet and leave it for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes are up you can feel if you can pull the tree sap off the carpet and if you can do so. If that is not possible use a butter knife to scrape it off.


3. Goo Gone

goo gone on countertop

Goo gone is a great product that removes anything that has a stickiness to it. If you have a bottle at home laying around it is perfectly safe for you to use on your carpet. If you have the spray bottle of goo gone you cab spray the area with it and let it sit for 10 minutes.

If you have a normal bottle of goo gone just wet a part of a cleaning cloth or paper towel and dap the area with it. When the 10 minutes are up or when you feel the tree sap moving around when you touch it, it is time for you to scrape it off with a butter knife or wet cloth. Remember to clean the area up once you removed all the tree sap.

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4. Oil Or Cooking Spray On The Tree Sap

Putting oil on your carpets might seems risky to you but it is not depending on how you do it. Tree sap is similar to how glue works and the oil will loosen the stickiness of the tree sap from the fabric of your carpet. If your carpet is furry you will need to be extra careful.

The first thing you need to do is slightly wet a small area on a piece of cloth and lightly dab the area that has the tree sap on it. If you have cooking spray you can hold your hands above the spray nozzle and slimly spray the area with the tree sap on your carpet.

Let the oil stay on the carpet for 5 minutes, then you can scrape the tree sap off with a butter knife. If the tree sap gets soft enough where you can use a wet warm cloth to wipe it out. Then do that make sure you wipe it carefully so you can take everything up in the end. To remove the oil mark you can use a clean wet cloth with warm water and clean the area.

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Final thoughts:

Tree sap is a sort of glue and you should treat it like it is glue. So when you are handling trees you need to be careful. When tree sap gets on any surface you should also treat it like it is glue and try not to wipe it because it will spread even more.

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