How To Get Wine Out Of Carpet

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How To Get Wine Out Of Carpet

We drink wine on special occasions or after a long day we just take a little drink. It tastes good, but if you spill it on your carpet you will have a nightmare removing it. Getting red wine out of a carpet is the worst, especially if it stains the carpet and dries, plus we forgot to clean the carpet.

red wine stain on carpet

Removing red wine from a carpet can be easy if you know the right techniques and have the right products. Believe me, I have spilled it before and this cleaning method works great, for light color carpets, the stain might be a little harder to remove but you will get the majority of it out if not all.

Let us begin cleaning your carpet to remove wine stain. First, you will need some cleaning products and tools to get started. These products and tools will be listed below.

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Things Needed To Remove Wine From Your Carpet:

dawn dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and scrub brush

White Distilled Vinegar


Hydrogen Peroxide


Dawn Dish Soap

Scrub Brush

Cleaning Bucket 

Steam Cleaner ( Optional )

Spray Bottle 


Paper Towels 


How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet With Dish Soap And Hydrogen Peroxide 

Below will be a step-by-step guide on how to remove red wine stains from your carpet easily without destroying the fabric or changing the color of the material. Make sure to follow each step carefully when mixing the cleaning solution that I will be showing you to make.

Cleaning Solution Mixture:

The cleaning mixture consists of 1 tablespoon dawn dish soap, half cup hydrogen peroxide to a small spray bottle, and add warm water until it is full. I’m using a 15 OZ spray bottle so you can add or reduce the amount of ingredients based on the size spray bottle you have.

The Cleaning Process To Remove Red Wine From Carpet

Step 1:

red wine stain on carpet

In this step, you will be removing most of the things that will be in your way when you start to clean the carpet to remove the red wine stain. You can also gather all the cleaning products I recommended above so you do not have to be walking around to get what you need.

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Step 2:

using cleaning solution on stain

Now that the area is cleared, spray some of the cleaning solutions you just made on the affected stained area and outside of it a little, you can go about 1 and a half-inch from the stain. This will create a visual cut-off point so you do not spread the stain more when it loosens.

Let the cleaning solution sit for 10 minutes to allow the dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to loosen the stain from the wine.


Step 3:

using a scrub brush to remove wine stain

After that 10 minutes wait, the stain will loosen now. Use the scrub brush and brush the wine stain mark in a circular direction. This motion will prevent you from spreading the wine stain even more on the carpet while it gathers all the water that the brush is picking up to the center of the stain.

You will start to see a lot of sud gathering, what you can do to get the sud way is to use some paper towel take it up. You can use the paper towel to get some of the water out if too much is gathering as well.

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Step 4:

using vacuum to clean carpet

If your carpet is fluffy, you will need to make sure you don’t see any red when you move the microfiber on the carpet because the surface will look clean, but below will be red. If you see little to no red stains, you can now go ahead and use a vacuum to suck up what is remaining on the carpet. Make sure to dump the vacuum first so that the water and sud don’t clog up the dirt together inside the vacuum.


Step 5:

pouring vinegar on carpet

This is the last step where you will pour some white distilled vinegar on the stained area entirely and let it sit for 10 minutes again. The vinegar will break down any further stains that weren’t broken down by the dish soap or hydrogen peroxide.

Use the brush to brush it in a circular motion again and then use the paper towel to clean and suck up most of the vinegar. Use your vacuum to brush over the area until it looks like it is dry. It won’t be dry, so you can leave it or use a hairdryer to dry it quickly. Repeat this cleaning process until you get the results you want.

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Before Cleaning

red wine stain on carpet

After Cleaning 

clean carpet remove red wine stain


How To Get Wine Out Of Carpet

Not all wine is red wine, most of them are white but will leave a stain mark on a carpet that has a stand-out color. You will see a white lining around the stained area especially on a black carpet if you leave the wine that is spilled on it just because the wine doesn’t have any color. Eventually, this will create that white stain similar to how water stains look.

To remove this wine stain pour 1 cup of warm water on the stained area, and spray some white distilled vinegar on it. Wait 5 minutes and then you can use a scrub brush and paper towel to wipe the mark out. For deeper stains use the cleaning method to on how to remove red wine out of a carpet.


Best Red Wine Stain Removal Products

We have different options when it comes to removing wine stains from our carpets. A lot of time the first thing we think of when we see wine stain on our carpets is to get rid of the carpet itself. Their numerous product on amazon and Walmart, you can buy them and get the stain out easily or call a cleaning service in your area.

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If any of the homemade cleaning methods above doesn’t work here are some links to some amazing products that you can use that works great. To use these wine stain removers, follow the instructions on the product carefully and wear protection.

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

Puracy Stain Remover, Enzyme-Based Stain Remover for Clothes

Carbona Stain Devils Coffee, Tea, Wine & Juice

This is a list of some of the items I use in my house to clean, which are affordable as well. They all make cleaning much easier for me and even faster. I recommend you use these. List of affiliate links below.

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Also a page of Everything Household Products  that will come in handy when cleaning 

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