How to Get Hair Dye Off Wall

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How to Get Hair Dye Off Wall

I have removed hair dye off of a white countertop before and some methods don’t work that I see other websites saying. I have had hair dye stains on my white wall and remove 95% of it because I made it dry too much. Getting hair dye off walls will be very time-consuming and will take some scrubbing.

This article will show you how to remove it if you have hair dye on your walls. The trick with getting hair dye off walls is that the longer you scrub the wall the more you will eventually get off so be prepared for that. Let us begin to remove the hair dye off the wall.

The best way to remove hair dye off the wall is to clean the stain within seconds of it touching the wall by spraying bleach on it and scrubbing it for several minutes. This will remove 100% of the hair dye stain without you scrubbing too much.

1. How to Get Hair Dye Off Wall With Nail Polish Remover

a person holding acetone in there hands

The acetone in nail polish remover is a great chemical to use on hair dye stain because it breaks it down just as how it breaks down nail polish on your nails. Nail polish remover can have a strong smell to it so you will need to wear a mask and a glove.

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Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you should do is drop everything you are doing and get ready to clean the hair dye stains off your walls because this will make it 10x easier to clean when you get to that point.

2. Pour a generous amount of nail polish remover on a piece of microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe over each spot that you see for a few seconds and then focus on one spot for 2-3 minutes and skip to the next one. Doing this will ensure that the hair dye stain doesn’t start to stick.

3. Each spot might take several minutes to clean so but in the end, you will get the stain out. When you are done removing the stains you can clean the wall with clean water and some sweet smelling dish soap.

2. Using Rubbing Alcohol To Get Hair Dye Off Your Walls

Rubbing alcohol is a great product to use and clean multiple areas in your house. Using it to clean hair dye stains both on your counter and walls will take some scrubbing but it will eventually get the stain out or fade it out to the point where you cannot see it.

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Steps To Take:

1. If you have an empty spray bottle add some of the rubbing alcohol to it so it is easier to use on the hair dye stain. But if you don’t the regular bottle can work.

2. Spray some of the alcohol on the stain or wet the stain with a microfiber cloth. What I find works best from experience is to use a sponge or a Mr clean magic eraser.

3. Use Mr clean magic eraser and scrub each spot that has hair dye marks for several minutes until all the marks are gone.

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3. How To Remove Hair Dye From Wall With Clorox Bleach

clorox bleach in hand

From past experience with removing hair dye stains, I realized that bleach is the best option you can use to get the stain ff the walls of your bathroom. This works even better when you spray the bleach immediately on the hair dye as soon as it gets on the walls.

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Steps To Take:

1. If there is a good amount of hair dye stains on the wall. You can just spray that entire area with bleach and wait for one minute for the bleach to start working on the stain. Make sure to wear a mask and gloves to protect your hands from the beach.

2. Once the 1 minute is up, use a sponge or Mr clean magic eraser and scrub the spot until the stains have been removed. Be careful if you choose to use other sponges because they might be too rough and can strip the paint off your walls.

3. Once all the stains have been removed use clean water and give the wall a proper cleaning to remove the intense bleach smell. 

4. Using Paint Thinner On Hair Dye Stain

holding paint thinner in my hand

Paint thinner should be your last option because you would have to go out of your way to buy it and use it on the wall. Paint thinner combined with the bleach will remove the hair dye stain the easiest way if the stain has been on the wall for more than 20 minutes.

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To use the paint thinner put on proper gloves and a face mask and wet a sponge or Mr clean magic eraser and scrub the stained areas. During the process, you can spray the stain with bleach to help break down the stain even more.

Once all the stain has been removed clean the wall properly with clean warm water and dish soap.

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5. Paint Over The Stains

Most of the time when hair dye gets on the bathroom walls it will be small splatters that can be painted over with touchup paint. You can buy these in a small amount that looks like nail polish. Just buy it and paint and paint over the small spots. You do not need any premier or anything, anyone can use this paint. Here is a link to a group of paint in a small container.

Conclusion On How To Remove Hair Dye From Wall:

The best method I recommend using is bleach on the wall but you will still need to scrub the walls for a few minutes to get the stain out. My advice to you is to clean the stain mark within seconds of it getting on the wall because when the stain dries it is even harder to get off.

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recently I did an experiment and purposely pour hair dye stains on my countertop in my bathroom and tried different methods and what I find to work best is the methods above. Dawn dish soap will not remove the stain, just using a Mr. Clean magic eraser will not remove the stain. Only the methods above will remove the stain with some scrubbing effectively.

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