How to Make Your Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone

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How to Make Your Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps for a few years now and they have come out with this new feature called dark mode on iPhones. Apple has this feature for most iPhones so Snapchat adapted the look so your phone can look more unified.

This short article will get straight to the point and show you how to put your Snapchat on dark mode showing you how to do it step by step with pictures and little text to confuse you.


Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone

Picture guide to putting your iPhone Snapchat into dark mode on any iPhone easily.

Step 1- Find Snapchat

Find Snapchat on your phone in the library and open it.


Step 2- Find your profile icon

Find and click on your profile icon on the upper left of your screen.

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Step 3- Select the settings icon

On the upper right corner to the extreme right, click on the settings icon


Step 4- Scroll down Until You see app appearance

Select app appearance and then you will see 3 options. Select always dark to put Snapchat in dark mode on your iPhone.


Step 5- Select Dark Mode

Select always dark, and wait 3 seconds for it to change because if you select match system. It will match your iPhone if it is on light mode.


After Putting Snapchat On Dark Mode On iPhone


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Benefits Of Using Dark Mode On Snapchat 

This might come as a surprise to you but putting Snapchat on dark mode has a few benefits that you didn’t know of, the first benefit is-

  • It reduces strain on your eyes by going into dark mode. The bright white screen that Snapchat always has can be extra bright at night so putting it in dark mode can help your eyes in the long run.
  • It saves battery life on your iPhones and some androids that have an OLED display. Because OLED displays can turn off each pixel individually to display black, this will stop your phone from consuming too much battery.
  • Makes your iPhone look much better if it is in dark mode already.
  • Dark mode on Snapchat can give you a little more privacy in public because it is harder for people to see what you are doing from an angle.
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