How to Clean a White Hat

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How to Clean a White Hat

This article will teach you how to clean a white hat and remove stains from it, whether the stain is yellow or black. Not every hat is machine washable, so I will also show you how to hand wash a white hat as well.

This cleaning method is the same cleaning method I use to clean my white hats, so I will give you a step-by-step cleaning method with pictures that will make your hat look brand new again.

Cleaning Things Needed:


Dawn Dish soap

Hydrogen peroxide 


Scrub brush

How to Hand Wash a White Hat

brushing hat with toothbrush

Below is the cleaning method you can use to clean a white hat in general with your hands. You can choose any of these cleaning methods depending on if the hat has yellow stains or sweat stains on them. This method is for white hats that need a general cleaning.


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Step 1- Gather Cleaning Supplies 

* To make the cleaning process much easier on you, gather all the supplies needed for this cleaning method. You will need to get a large enough container that you can fit the hat in and the other things I listed above.


Step 2- Start Cleaning The Hat

adding water to a bucket

* Now you can start to clean the hat. The first thing that you will need to do is fill the container with warm water. You can add 3 tablespoons of dawn dish soap to the container along with one tablespoon of bleach if the hat doesn’t have any other color on it other than white.

adding dawn dish soap to warm water

adding hat to wash water

* Dip the hat in the water and let it sit for 10 minutes so that the dirt on it will get soften.


* Once the hat has been in the warm water for 10 minutes, take it out and use a soft toothbrush and scrub it gently. Try and brush it in a circular motion so you do not break the fibers in the hat.

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Step 3- Wash The Hat

* Once you are down cleaning the hat, get some fresh water and wash the hat off. You can place it in the dryer and let it dry.


How to Get Rid of Sweat Stains on Hats

showing dirt on hat

This cleaning method is for white hats that have any sort of stains on them, it could be from sweat or yellow stain that builds up over time from being in contact with your skin. The method above is only for hats that needs a general cleaning.


Step 1- Dip the hat in water

* By placing the hat in a container with warm water for 30 minutes will loosen up most of the dirt and stains on the hat. To clean other areas of the hat that doesn’t have any stains on them, follow step 2 paragraph 3 above after the 30 minutes are up.


Step 2- Cleaning the sweat stains off the hat

Now that the rest of the had is clean, you can now focus on targeting the yellow sweat stain area on your hat. What if find works the best on removing any stain is whitening toothpaste. You can use it to clean white shoes as well. You can also add a little hydrogen peroxide or baking soda directly to the stain.

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adding hydrogen peroxide on hat yellow stain

cleaning white hat with toothpaste

* Add some of the toothpaste directly to the stained area on your white hat. Around the from of the hat where it meets your forehead will be the dirtiest.

brushing yellow stain with toothpaste add toothbrush

* Use the toothpaste to scrub the area over and over until you see the stain mark going away. Take a piece of paper towel and wipe the excess toothpaste away and let it sit for a few hours. 


Step 3- Washing the hat

rinsing hat with fresh water

* You might be wondering why you let it sit for a few hours. That is because the whitening toothpaste has hydrogen peroxide in it that is strong enough to whiten things but not bleach it and change the color, so the toothpaste will take a little time to work.

soaking hat in water


* Dip the hat in some fresh water and brush the entire hat with a scrub brush until it is clean as you can get it. Place it in the dryer to dry and over a few hours, you will see the results.

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How to Clean a White Hat in a Washing Machine

open washing machine door

Cleaning a white hat in a washing machine is one of the easiest ways to clean it. The only downside to this is that you won’t get out as much of the stains as if you had used your hands.


Step 1- Preparing The Hat


* Because you will be doing less work with your hands, all you need to do is spray some diluted bleach over the entire hat. The reason for diluting the bleach is to prevent it from bleaching the white hat too much and giving it a yellow stain.


* Place the hat in the washing machine and put the machine on the quick wash setting. Let the machine do its work and then place it in the dryer when done.



Why does sweat bleach hats? 

If you have ever made the mistake of tasting your own sweat, you will taste the salt in it. Sweat isn’t just to cool us down, it gets excessive waste and other things in our body through a liquid form.

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Some of the chemicals in the sweat will bleach your hat because the sweat is targeted in one area and we do not wash our hats that often to prevent this.


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