How to Get Gum Out of Car Seat

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How to Get Gum Out of Car Seat

The worse thing that can happen is sitting on gum on your car seat. It can ruin your clothes and part of your seat as well if you do not get it off. Just trying to pick the chewing gum off the car seat will make it even worse when you try to clean it the proper way. The best way to get the gum off your car seat is in one piece. Below I will show you how to get gum off fabric seats and leather seats in different ways.

gum on car seat

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How to Get Gum Of A Fabric Car Seat In General

In general chewing gum is easier to come off of leather seats rather than on fabric seats. The fabric seats do have small holes in them that the gum can get squished into which will make the gum harder to come out. The material of fabric seats is much softer as well. But it can be done with a few tricks.

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Steps To Take:

1) Wait until the gum hardens or you can place ice in a ziplock bag and put it on the gum to harden it faster.

2) When the gum is hardened, use a butter knife to scrape the gum off.

3) If a small residue of gum is remaining, spray some rubbing alcohol on it and brush it out with a toothbrush.



How to Get Gum Out of Leather Car Seat

Using Saddle Soap

Saddle soap is an around cleaner for leather boots, couches, seats, and even belts. Works great to clean leather boots and leather seats. What this does is softens and smooth out the leather and lift anything that might be stuck on it. When the soap softens the leather the gum on it will not have a hard surface to stick on to because of the oil ingredient in the saddle soap.

Using the soap is really simple. Clear everything off the seat where and use a clean microfiber cloth or a leather brush that you can buy and wipe or brush the seat with it. I just rub the cloth or brush on the surface of the soap.

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Let it sit for 5 minutes and go back with a clean microfiber cloth and polish the seat. By now the gum will come off easily if you apply pressure to it or scrape it with a butter knife.


Using Dawn Dish Soap On Gum

adding dawn dish soap to water

Not every dish soap is equal. Dawn dish soap can be used to remove gum from your leather car seat. It could be leatherette or real Napa leather dawn dish soap will get it out without damaging anything. Regular dish soap can be used but you will not get the same result. Now let’s get to removing the gum with dawn dish soap.

Steps To Take:

1) Let the gum dry before you dry to scrape it off.

2) Once the gum is dry, mix some dawn dish soap in a small bowl and slightly wet the area with the gum.

3) Let it sit for 10 Minutes.

4) Use a butter knife and scrape the gum off. The majority of it should come off. If some is remaining, repeat the process.

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Leather Conditioner To Clean Car Seat

Leather condition or leather milk is a great chemical you can use after you clean the gum off your car seat. The conditioner itself restores the original look of the leather while taking off any dirt and grime if any was there.

The area where the gum was on your seat might be dried out so this is a good product to use. The product I use on a weekly basis is called Chamberland’s Leather Milk Formula 1. Works amazing and brings back the color in my seats.

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Can You Use WD-40 To Remove Chewing Cum?

Yes! WD-40 can be used to get gum off your car seat. But if you do it the wrong way you will stain your seat while getting the gum off. WD-40 gas has an oily feeling to it but is not the same as regular oil you find in the kitchen.

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Most people might spray the WD-40 directly on the chewing gum and allow it to penetrate the sponge and cover of the seat. This is totally wrong the WD-40 will dry and leave a dark spot even if the fabric of the seat is black.

To use the Wd-40 on the chewing gum, spray some of it on a piece of paper towel and wipe the area where the gum is. Use a butter knife and scrape the area. Use a clean piece of the paper towel wet with warm water and wipe the area off once you remove all of the gum.

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Whenever you have gum stuck on your seat do not try to scrape it off instantly until you feel that it is dry. You might be tempted to use a razor blade or something shape to get it out but that will only ruin your seat.

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If you are on the road and the gum gets stuck on the seat, use a piece of paper towel or wipes and hold the cum and twist it off. This will get rid of the majority of the gum until you get home and can clean it off properly.

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