How to Keep Flies Away From Porch In 6 Easy Ways

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How to Keep Flies Away From Porch

Having flies on your porch or deck can be really annoying because as soon as you open the screen door to the house they fly in and that will cause the next problem to itself. There are a few methods and tricks you can do to keep flies away from your porch that are safe and non-toxic before you call pest control.

This article will show you the best fly baits and natural methods you can use on your deck. These methods are guaranteed to work because they worked for me and it’s best you know them in the back of your head because summer is right around the corner and the flies come out more then.


How to Keep Flies Away In General

The best way to keep flies away is not to attract them in the first place. To do that you need to keep areas where flies could go very clean. Not every one of these areas you can use bleach on so use rubbing alcohol and disinfectant to help clean the area. These areas are:

  1. Trash Cans
  2. Clean Underneath Your Trash Can
  3. Clean Countertops
  4. Clean Floors In The Kitchen
  5. Clean Bathroom
  6. Clean Outside Trash Cans
  7. Wash The Patio Of The Trash Cans Outside
  8. Not Emptying Your Garbage Enough
  9. Clean Pet Urine And Feces
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Above are a few methods you can implement when cleaning to prevent and keep flies away from your house in multiple areas.


How To Keep Away From Your Porch In A Natural Way

If you choose not to use chemicals and baits, these are the best methods you can use to keep the flies away from your deck and leave you alone.

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1. Remove Garbage From Porch Or Deck

trash bag with garbage in it

Flies love garbage and they can pick up the smell or taste of garbage far away and come to that area. If you or your kids eat something and it falls on the deck and you just leave it. Flies will definitely come to that food which can leave maggots on your patio from the flies feces. Another way flies will come to the garbage on your deck is if you put a full trash bag on the deck waiting for the garbage man to come. Go on your patio and check to see if any food or bag is around and remove it.

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2. Clean Pet Feces Or Droppings

Feces are flies favorite food I think and having feces around your patio or on it will definitely bring hundreds of flies. If the pet feces are close to the patio the flies will be on your deck as well. So that means you should clean pet feces that’s on your lawn and yard as well. Check underneath tables and benches where your dogs and cat could have gone and pooped. Make sure to clean the feces up and wash the area with disinfectant to get rid of the feces smell.


3. Give The Porch A Wash With Disinfectant 

adding dawn dish soap to warm water

Giving your porch a good wash with disinfectant doesn’t only remove and keep flies away from your house and patio. It will also make your patio look much cleaner by removing dirt marks, stains, and even feces that might have been on your shoes. You can make your how disinfectant with 1 cup of white vinegar with a few tablespoons of dawn dish soap in a large container and wash the patio with it.

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How To Keep Away From Your Porch Using Baits, Lights, And Chemicals 

These methods will have you buy chemicals and baits that will kill the flies or trap them. Try not to use some of these traps if you are going to place them where kids can reach them.

4. Use Yellow Or Blue Lights

yellow outdoor light

I’m sure when you watch some movies you have seen yellow lights on the outside of some old house beside the lake or in the woods. Studies show that yellow lights are one of the best ways to repel flies overall. But the drawback is that your patio will now have yellow lights.


5. Set Fly Traps

Setting fly traps is the first thing that came to your mind when you start to see a good amount of flies on your patio or even close to your trash cans. Not all fly traps work as advertised so here is the best one you can use below and in this link – DynaTrap ¼ Acre Outdoor Mosquito and Insect Trap. 

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This trap works on almost every flying insect including flies and mosquitoes. This trap you hang on the side of your house and watch the flies go away.


Use Fly Repellent Sprays 

This is the next best option to repel flies away from your patio by spraying it with some Wondercide – EcoTreat Ready-to-Use Outdoor Pest Control Spray with Natural Essential Oils – Mosquito and Insect Repellent. This chemical is safe to use around animals and kids and all you need to do is spray your patio, deck, or lawn with it to repel any flying or crawling insects.

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