How to clean carpet without vacuum

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How To Clean Carpet Without Vacuum 

Having a dusty and smelly carpet can have your house smelling like a dumpster, learn how to clean a carpet without a vacuum is a vital skill you need to learn even though most homes do have a vacuum. But it is good to know how to clean your carpet or rug without a vacuum if yours breaks and you need to clean your carpet or rug really fast.

A lot of people think that you need to steam clean your carpet every time you clean it and that is not true, that does make it a lot cleaner but is not necessary all the time. This article will show you some of the best ways to clean your rugs or carpets without using or thinking of a vacuum. Let us begin!

clean carpet without vacuuming it

Best Way To Clean A Carpet Without Vacuum Or Rug Without Vacuum 

Below is a list of the best ways to clean a carpet without a vacuum that will remove the majority of the dust and doors. Some of these methods are really easy to do and some will take a little elbow grease to get the job done.

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1. Place The Carpet Outside

You might be saying how can just placing your carpets outside clean them. Well on a windy day or any day that has a little extra wind, place the carpet outside and put something heavy on it. The wind will blow out all the dust and other debris on the rug or carpet without you even touching it. To help with removing odors, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet before you place it outside. Make sure to place something heavy on the carpet so it won’t get blown away.


2. Use A Broom To Clean The Carpet

This method will take a little elbow grease, but it is very effective when it comes to cleaning your carpet without a vacuum. All you need is a house broom and a dustpan to clean the carpet.

To clean the carpet, start by sweeping from one edge of the carpet to the other edge in a vertical direction so you do not miss any areas. When you are sweeping the carpet, apply a good amount of pressure to the broom until you feel a slight resistance when you run it against the carpet. To remove odors, you can use Febreze air freshener to give it that clean smell.

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3. Use A Broom To Beat The Dust out Of The Carpet

If you have tried the method above and it did not work that well for you or you want to remove more of the dust. Use this method combined with method two to clean your carpets without a vacuum. By using the broom to beat the carpet, the dust particles will separate from the fabric much easier.

Only do this method outside where the dust can blow away and stand opposite of where the wind is blowing. Beating the carpet with the broom doesn’t need a specific pattern so you can hit anywhere on the carpet where you see or think dust might be. The easiest way to do this is by placing the carpet over the patio railings or anything that make the carpet hang in the air freely.


4. Use A Stiff Scrub Brush

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Scrub brushes have been around for many years and come in handy in so many ways, you can use it to clean your bathroom tiles, remove stains from your clothes and do so many other things that you have never thought of. One thing you can use it for sure on is a dusty and stained carpet that you have in your house.

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean your carpets with a scrub brush is by brushing them while it lay flat on the ground. This will remove the stains and the dust from your carpet. To give the carpet a proper cleaning with the scrub brush, you will need to carry it outside and hang it over the patio railing. You can mix some dawn dish soap in warm water and wash the carpet and rug. You can either place the rug or carpet in the dryer to dry or leave it to air dry for the day.


5. Wash The Carpet or Rug In The machine 

This is one of the easiest ways to clean any rug and carpet in your house without doing any work, but you have to be careful and check the label of the carpet to ensure it is machine washable. If you place a carpet in the machine that is not machine washable, it will ruin the carpet and have particles from the carpet stuck in the washing machine drum, so always ensure to check your carpet’s label before washing them.

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6. Carpet Hair Remover Tool

This product is a cleaning tool that can both be used to remove hair that is stuck on your carpet and hair that is on the floor. This product is called FUremover Broom and it sells at a very reasonable price. If your carpets are full of pet hair and you do not want to use a vacuum to clean it try this product. Works like a normal broom but traps the hair like a clothes lint roller.

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