How to Keep Spiders Out Of Basement

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How to Keep Spiders Out Of Basement

I use to live in a basement apartment, and having spiders in your basement can make you feel paranoid if you have arachnophobia. Keeping spiders out of your basement is the goal of this article and to prevent them from ever coming back because I have been there, and I know how you feel.

This article will give you six different methods you can choose from based on how your environment is or if you have a lot of spiders. If you have kids and animals, there will be a method for you to use. Let us begin keeping those spiders out of your basement.

Method 1: Remove Wood Around The Area

Spiders love wood, especially when it is large and has cracks in it. Spiders can fit into the smallest of holes, so if you have old furniture that isn’t that good any more or you have wood near the entrance to the basement, remove it, and you will see the spiders go away within a few hours or days.

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If you cannot get rid of the wood or furniture, but it has spiders in it. You can spray the furniture down with insect repellent or use essential oils mixed with water and spray the furniture down, and it will work as a repellent because spiders hate the smell of essential oil.


Method 2: Set Spider Traps

Spider traps are one of the easiest ways to keep out spiders out of your basement and get rid of them at the same time. The only drawback with spider traps is that if you fear spiders, you will have to see them to dump and clean the trap. But if you are not afraid of them, then this method will work for you.


Method 3: Clean Your Basement 

Cleaning anywhere you stay is the best way to keep out any insects. This will keep out flies, bugs, rats, spiders, and so much more things. If your basement is not clean and has food in it, it will make spiders want to come. You will learn more about that in the next method.

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Cleaning your basement isn’t just about removing food and garbage. Having things neatly organized and out away properly will prevent and keep spiders away from your basement because if they do get in, they will not be able to find somewhere to hide and live.


Method 4: Remove Garbage

As mentioned in the method above that cleaning out your basement and removing any garbage will get rid of any spiders and keep them out. Spiders eat other small insects and bugs. Basically, this is their main food source, so if you have insects and bugs in the trash can in the basement, you will find spiders, centipedes, and other insects finding their way into the basement.

You can put food in the trash bin in your basement but do not allow it to stay more than two days in the trash. Make sure you empty that trash as soon as you can.

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Method 5: Look For Opening And Holes

As mentioned in one of the methods, spiders can crawl through small holes that you have will believe they could crawl through. If there’s a slight crack in the wall, they can crawl through it. If your windows are slightly open, they can crawl through it. So if you know you have spiders outside, try to fix these cracks in the walls and keep your window shut or put up a window screen without a tear in it.


Method 6: Remove Places That They Can Live

Spiders love dark holes and places where they can feel safe and have their babies. Spiders hate the opening and wet areas, so if you have clothes lying around that haven’t been touched or moved in weeks, then a spider will try and make that their home if they were already in the basement.

Try to remove old clothes, old furniture, and other things that you might have lying around in your basement to avoid spiders finding it comfortable, and building a home there.

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Final Thoughts:

Not every spider is harmless, some spiders, if they bite you, you can have a reaction to it, or you will need antibiotics or be in the hospital for a while. So if you see spiders in your basement, try one of these methods and see which one works, and never just touch a spider with your beer hands. If you see more than five spiders in less than 30 minutes, you might need to call pest control.

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