How To Clean White Shoes With Toothpaste 

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How To Clean White Shoes With Toothpaste 

I have plenty of white sneakers and white shoes on the shoe rack in my closet. Cleaning them is the hardest part because you cannot use bleach on some of the materials. This is where toothpaste comes in, learning how to clean your shoes with toothpaste can save you the embarrassment of going out with dirty shoes.

Cleaning your shoes or sneakers with toothpaste is really easy and this article will show you a step-by-step guide with detailed pictures showing you how I clean off my dirty sneakers with some toothpaste and a toothbrush. So let us begin with the things you will need first.

Items Needed:

  1. Toothbrush 
  2. Paper Towel Or Microfiber Cloth
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Small bowel 

toothbrush, shoe, toothpaste

Cleaning your white shoes or sneakers with toothpaste

Below will be a step-by-step guide showing you the process you need to use to clean your white sneakers, slippers, shoes, and boots easily without damaging the material.

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The Cleaning Process:

Step 1:

dirty shoe

Find an area to brush off heavy dirty of the shoes or sneaker so when you are cleaning the shoe you will spread less dirty around it. To do this you can use a scrub brush or a toothbrush and lightly brush off the excessive dirty. By doing this will save you time in the end when you are wiping the shoes clean.

Step 2:

adding toothpaste to bowel

Make the mixture and get the things you need in one area. Making the mixture is super easy, all you need to do is add 3 tablespoons of toothpaste to a blow and add enough water to it where you can mix it out and have enough to clean the number of white shoes you have.

You can also add a little of dawn dish soap to the mixture if you like to help the cleaning process. A key important ingredient is a whitening toothpaste, whitening toothpaste has hydrogen peroxide and other whitening substances in it that will help make your shoes even whiter.

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Step 3:

Slightly apply a little water to the entire white shoe to soften the dirt on it. If your shoes are really dirty, with dusty and grass stains, you will need to apply some of the physical toothpaste on the dirtiest area. Start by dipping the toothbrush in the mixture you made and scrub the entire shoes until you see the dirt coming off.

cleaning dirty show with toothpaste on it 

Step 4:

using paper towel to clean white shoe

After you have done scrubbing the shoes, you can add some warm water to a bowel, and use a microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe down the entire shoes. Repeat this cleaning process if you would like to see better results.

before and after cleaning shoe with toothpaste


Cleaning the shoelace:

If your shoe or sneakers lace is dirty, you can pull it out and clean it in a separate container. You can add some bleach to the water and leave the laces in it for 1 hour. This will clean them and all you need to do is give it a few scrubs and wash it, then leave it to dry.

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Final thoughts:

This cleaning method is an alternative method to clean your white shoes that cannot have bleach on them or harsh chemicals. On some occasions, you will need to repeat the cleaning process if your shoes are really dirty. Enjoy your clean white shoes on your next outing.

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