How To Clean Work Boots

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How To Clean Leather Work Boots Step By Step Guide

As long as we work with heavy metal or any other physical job that we can get really hurt, we need work boots to protect our feet from getting hurt. Knowing how to clean your work boots can save you at least 50$ dollars every few months because work boots do get concrete, tile mixture, glue, and dirt on them.

cleaning work boots

Getting these items off these boots can be really troublesome and I will show you how to remove them and get your shoes looking brand new again before you go and buy new boots. I will also give you some amazing ways to clean the inside of the boots as well as to remove odor and dirt. If you want to know how to clean leather boots that you wear regularly here is an article showing you every step-by-step process of how to do it.

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Supplies Needed:

Cleaning the work boots

Check for glue Marks

Getting the glue off your shoes will be the hard part, so spraying some goo gone or any other products that get rid of glue will be great. Leave the product on the glue then go back 10 minutes afterward and remove the glue from your work boots. 

Try not to pull it off too hard so it doesn’t damage the material of the boots especially if the material is leather. You can use your fingers or a butter knife to take the glue off if your fingers aren’t strong enough. After you have done that you can move to the next step below.


Get Supplies Needed

Now you are ready to start cleaning your work boots so you will need to gather all the things you will need to start cleaning your boots so you do not have to be running around looking for stuff. You will need a scrub brush, dawn dish soap, washcloth or microfiber cloth, and a hard toothbrush.

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Target different areas of the work boot to clean

using butter knife to clean work boots

Targeting different areas of the boots that have different stain marks on them will make cleaning your work boots much more easier. You can start to buy getting off the dirt using a mixture of dawn dish soap and warm water in a bowl. Use the scrub brush and the mixture to clean normal areas of the shoes.

If you have tile mixture marks, concrete stains, and other things, you can spray some rubbing alcohol on the area to remove the mark. If the mark isn’t coming off that easy, you can use a dull butter knife to scrape it off completely. Check the entire shoes to see if you got every mark and dirt then you can move to the next step.


Give the boot a wash

cleaning work boot with sponge

To get everything off the work boots including white marks from concrete and tile mixture, use some warm water to clean the outside of the boots with the washcloth or microfiber cleaning cloth you have. Whichever has the roughest material that can get what’s on your boots off the easiest use it? You can also use a sponge if it helps.

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wiping down work boots with microfiber cloth

Leave it to dry

Leave the work boots in the sun or in front of the fan to dry faster if you need them for work the next day. When it is dry you will see the big difference it made so you do not have to buy the next work boot for yourself or your husband.


How to clean boot inside

cleaning the inside of the work

Cleaning the inside of your work boots is as important as cleaning the outside. Odors and dirt will get inside eventually and can ruin your entire shoes. What you can do to clean the inside of your shoes is remove the soul of it from the inside, the soft padding. You can either wash this and leave it to dry or you can just leave it in the sun to try. Placing it in the dryer can also get rid of odors as well.

You now can shake out any dust in the shoes, spray it with some Lysol and leave it to dry. This will remove any fungus and bacteria inside the shoes. 

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clean inside of your work boots

To make your work boots smell even better, you can add some baby powder, place some dryer sheet on the inside and this will eliminate all the odors that you are smelling.


How to care for work boots and make them last longer

Caring for your shoes is the only way you can make them last as long as they can. Below will be a list of the best practices you can take to make any work boots last for years to come.

  1. Clean your work boots regularly 
  2. Remove glue and other things off your work boots as soon as you can
  3. Protect your work boots by applying waterproofing to them
  4. Wear the proper work boots for the job you are doing so the environment doesn’t destroy it faster.
  5. Do not kick heavy items with your work boots
  6. Bend properly in your work boots, creating a crease in it can weaken the structure it if it is made from leather 
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