How To Clean Stained Glass With Picture Instructions 

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How To Clean Stain Glass

Learning how to clean stained glass is a very important cleaning skill you need to know. It could be your bathroom mirror glass, bathroom shower door glass, or just your windows. Cleaning them and removing stains will be a great way to make your house look a lot cleaner and nicer.

cleaning stained glass with rubbing alcohol

This article will teach you and show you a step-by-step picture guide on how to clean any stained glass that you have in your house, plus how to clean hard water stains from your shower doors as well. I can guarantee you that your house will look 10x better after trying this amazing cleaning method.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  2. Bleach
  3. Vinegar
  4. Rubbing Alcohol 
  5. Dawn Dish Soap
  6. Sponge
  7. Paper towel / Optional

The Process Of Cleaning Stained Glass

Now let us begin cleaning those stained glasses and windows in your house to make them look much better.

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Step 1

cleaning stained glass with sponge


Spray the entire glass down with bleach and let it sit for 5 minutes. If you see that the bleach is starting to dry up you can go ahead and use a sponge and wipe the glass down with the soft side of the sponge so you won’t scrape anything.

Step 2

mixing dawn dish soap with warm water

Mix 1 cup of vinegar with two tablespoons of dawn dish soap in a bowl of warm water. Wash out the sponge you used before with fresh water and dip it in the mixture you just made. Find areas on the glass that the stain is located and use the sponge to scrub the area. Once you see the stain is gone from that area you can go ahead and give the glass the next wash down with the cleaning solution you just made.

Step 3


using microfiber cloth to clean shower glass

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe down the glass and check to see if you miss any spots. If you see that you miss any spots, you can use some rubbing alcohol to spray over the entire glass, especially on the areas that have stains or had stains. If the stain is still present, you can use some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray it on the area and give it the next scrub.

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Step 4

spraying shower glass with rubbing alcohol

Give the glass a proper wash or wipe down now and let it dry. Adding some rubbing alcohol to the water you will use to wash or wipe the glass down will stop any streaking from forming.


How to clean stain glass naturally

Below will be some of the best ways to clean stain glass with natural cleaning products if you do not want to use bleach at all. These cleaning methods are great but will take a little more effort when you try to clean the glass.

1. Using Baking Soda To Clean Stain Glass

You can use baking soda mix with a little vinegar to form a paste that you can apply directly to the area on your windows that has the stain on it and use a sponge to scrub it off easily. Just check and make sure the glass isn’t easily scratched.

2. Using White Distilled Vinegar To Clean Stain Glass

Vinegar is one of the most popular natural cleaning products you can find out there that gets the job done. Simply mix some vinegar with 1 part water and clean your entire glass with it. The mixing ratio is 2:1. You can follow the cleaning step above to use this method.

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3. Using Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Stain Glass

spraying shower glass with rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is used similar to how they use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of bacteria. To use the rubbing alcohol on your stained windows and glass, all you need to do is spray the area and wipe the stain away. You can spray the area and let the rubbing alcohol sit for a few minutes then wipe it away.

4. Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Stain Glass

Hydrogen peroxide is a well-known cleaning product when it comes to getting rid of bacteria from wounds and cuts. The oxidation prices work well when it comes to breaking down stains, grease, and other organic matter.

Pour the hydrogen peroxide into an empty spray bottle and spray it on the affected area. Use a washcloth or sponge and scrub the area until the stain is removed from the stained glass. Repeat the process until the stain is removed.

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How to clean glass shower doors with hard water stains

hard water stain on shower glass


Hard water stain on bathroom shower glass is one of the most common things you can find in a bathroom if the glass isn’t coated and protected. Yes, you can coat the glass to make it hydrophobic and repel water so the water, dirt, and grease doesn’t stick to it at all. The product you cause use is called ceramic armor shield. This product is used on cars to protect the paint from scratches, UV rays, and other things so it will work great on your indoor shower glass.

Cleaning hard water stain shower glass

Find the area of the glass that has the hard water stain on it and spray hydrogen peroxide directly on it and let it Sid for 30 minutes then go back and clean the area. Use a hard enough sponge to scrub the hard watermark until it is gone.

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removing stain on glass with sponge

Any of the cleaning methods above can be used to remove hard water stains or any other stain in your house. It can be used on toothpaste stains, grease stains, bloodstain, hard water stain, mold stain, and lead stain.

When you are dealing with lead stain please make sure to wear a mask, gloves, and other protection so you do not get it in your body because it is very dangerous to humans. If there is a lot of lead stain call a professional and let them handle it.

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