Rubbing Alcohol Uses

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Most may think that rubbing alcohol only belongs in the first aid kit or in your bathroom just for emergencies.


It’s a versatile product, using it with water, can do so many things.


You will be surprised by the things it can do, all you will need is a spray bottle, water, and the rubbing Alcohol.


You can clean furniture, sanitize your home, make your own hand sanitizer, and lots more.


Help Prevent streaking.


Most cleaning agents will leave streak marks on furniture when you wipe them down.


After that happen, you would have to go over and wipe it down with a dry cloth, which will make your work twice as hard.


Mix one part rubbing alcohol with one part water and clean most things in your house, like windows, Stainless steel, and lots more.

Lift dirt 


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When other cleaning agents won’t lift the dirt or take too long, rubbing alcohol will do that in no time.


The components that make up the rubbing alcohol will break down the dirt or grease quickly and effectively.


Clean Your Window Blinds


Because rubbing alcohol breaks down dirt and grease fast, cleaning your window Blinds will not get easier than this.


Spray the rubbing alcohol on the window blinds, get an old sock that you’re not using and just wipe the blinds down.


Make sure to flip the blind to make them flat. When that side is completed, open the blinds and place your hand around each blind and run your hand across it.


Cleaning Your phone


Holding your phone and other things will transfer bacteria to the phone, and your phone is constantly on your face, which isn’t good and can cause acne problems.

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Makeup as well will get on your phone, along with grease from your face.


Get a small Spray bottle and add one part rubbing alcohol and 2 part water to make a small but effective electronic cleaner.


Cleaning Your Face


The majority of us will have acne at some point in our life.


Most of us don’t take the time out to properly clean our face from using all that makeup and dust that blows on our faces.


You can use your rag or anything you use to clean your face at home and add rubbing alcohol to it and give it a proper clean.


You will be so surprised by what comes off your face after doing this.


Remove Nail Polish


You might think you have nail polish remover one day in the cabinets, and when you look, you can find it.


You could have a big occasion going to an this will ruin it. Look in your cabinets in your bathroom and hope you have some.

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This will work just the same as nail polish remover and save the day for you.


Clean Off Counter Tops


If you have granite countertops, you want them to look flawless without having streaks.



What you need to do is mix a little rubbing alcohol with some water and apply it to the countertop.


You will no longer see these lines on the countertop when the sun hits it at a certain angle anymore.


Remove Scent


If you don’t like the scent of disinfectant or bleach, you can use rubbing alcohol on the countertop to remove any meat smell that may be remaining.


This is effective for persons that hate the smell of bleach and can’t stand it.


Rubbing alcohol can be used to replace the purpose of bleach in this particular situation.


Cutting up meat on the countertop is one of these situations. Even if you use a cutting board, some meat will still splash on the countertop, and you will need to remove that smell.

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De-ice Your windshield


If you live where you have winter, you will need to start your car for like 15 minutes before you get in it to clear the windshield of ice that forms overnight when the temperature drops.



Mix two-part rubbing alcohol with one part water and apply it to the windshield.


If you are in a hurry, this is a great method too because it removes the ice quicker than how the car would do it.


Clean Windows


When it rains, and you turn your car while it’s driving, this will cause water to slash on the windows.



You might not have the time to wash it, but you will need the windows to be clean so that you can see properly.


Spray some rubbing alcohol on it to quickly remove dirt and grease that will be on it until you can wash your car.

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Use As Insect Killer


You might be home one day and see a spider pops out of nowhere, and you don’t have anything to spray on it and kill it.


You can either splash some rubbing alcohol on it, or if you already had rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, just spray it.


The spider will be dead in no time, and you won’t have to smell any bad chemicals that insect sprays will have.


Wipe Interior Of Car



Over time your car will have lots of bacteria in it. And if your a clean freak, you will want to do this, mix one-part rubbing alcohol with one part water and spray your car seats down just a little, works best if the car seat is cloth.


Now you can spay and wipe other areas that you think will have bacteria as well.


Cleaning Chrome 


As I said earlier, rubbing Alcohol will leave no streaks, so cleaning chrome will never be easier. Your cabinets handle, car door, or door handles will look so shiny.

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This will also disinfect each area you wipe down as well. Just use a microfiber cloth and wipe them down. Click the link above to see the video.




Make your own Hand Sanitizer 


Go to your local pharmacy and get a small Spray bottle and a bottle of Aloe vera jell.


Add one part rubbing alcohol, 2 part Aloe vera jell, and a few drops of essential oil to the bottle.


You can add a teaspoon of almond oil to it just to help your hands keep moist when you use the hand sanitizer. Shake it well, and you’re done.



You can use it to clean anything. As soon as it comes in contact with bacteria, it kills it immediately. Just wipe the area and let it dry.



This is perfect for wiping down your toilet to destroy all that bacteria that’s on the seat. Door nobs light switch and lots more.

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Making An Ice Pack 


Place a new sponge in water and let it soak it up. Place the sponge in a ziplock bag, then add some rubbing alcohol and place it in the freezer, this will make the perfect ice pack.


It will form a gel-like substance that is flexible and holds its temperature for longer.


This is ideal for places that need the ice pack to bend to form over your body.


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