Alternative Uses For Pam Cooking Spray

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Pam spray is mostly used in the Kitchen to do baking and cooking. They are so many different ways you can use Pam spray that you have never thought of.


These are some of the best alternative ways that you can use this product.



Loosen metals


If you have a car door that’s squeaking or cabinet door, or any door, no worries. Simple spray some pam spray on the area.


This works as if it was WD-40; if you have an old screw that doesn’t want to come out, you can use this as well.

Keeping Your Faucets shiny 



Spray some pam spray on a piece of paper towel and wipe your faucets down. They will be looking so amazing after your finish cleaning and will give your house an extra spark.


Candle Wax 



If you have a candle that’s not in a container, don’t get rid of it. Find a safe container in the Kitchen and spray some pam spray on the bottom and place your candle down.

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When the candle melts the wax will not stick to anything. So you can just put it under running water, and the wax will slide right off.


Clean Cheese Up After You Grater It


The cheese will be hard to clean up after you grater it. Spray Pam spray on the grater before you start and when your finish, cleaning the grater will be so easy.


You can try this trick on other stuff as well to see if it will work as well.



Prevent Pasta From Sticking Together 


If you love pasta, maybe you will cook a lot of it to have for the next day to heat up and use it. Storing it though can be tricky if you didn’t know this hack.


You ever open your refrigerator just to find your pasta sticking together? You might think it’s because its cold, but no that’s because you didn’t oil the pasta.

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Spray Pam spray on the pasta and rub it all over it and this will prevent it from sticking together. Make sure to apply an adequate amount of the pray to cover the pasta properly.



Measuring Thick Liquids


Measuring honey and other thick liquids will be hard because they run out so slowly. You will often get the wrong measurement because some of it is remaining in the measuring cup.


Apply a small amount of the spray inside the cup and pour whatever you want inside. It will slide out like your pouring milk. You may need to apply more to the measuring cup if you are going to use it more than two times.



Removing Bugs


Clean your car headlights and restore them using Pam spray. All you need to do is spray it on the headlights or any part of your car that has dead bugs sticking to it from driving, most likely it will be on the front of your car.

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This will soften up the bugs quickly so you can just wipe it off in no time.



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