8 Amazing Ways To Organize A Small Kitchen Without A Pantry

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How To Organize A Small Kitchen Without A Pantry

Not all of us have our dream kitchen that we would like, we might have a small kitchen and we want to organize it so it holds more things and looks less clustered. Just like organizing your refrigerator, organizing it will make your entire kitchen look brand new.

Organizing a small kitchen without a pantry can be easy and hectic depending on how you do it. But this article will show you and give you the best ideas and methods to make your kitchen look brand new even though it doesn’t have a pantry to store food and other things.


1. Use Cabinets As Pantry

food items in cabinet

Every kitchen has cabinets that we put things in, but we sometimes don’t make use of the amounts of space your cabinets have. Kitchen cabinets have the advantage of using the upper space in the kitchen. A lot of things that you store on the kitchen countertop can be placed in the cabinets.

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Oil, can food, bottles, and a lot more things can be placed in the upper cabinets and larger items should be placed in the bottom shelves of the cabinets so they do not fall on you when you try to reach them. Make sure to label and place them in the right places.


2. Install Shelves Where You Can

I know for sure in my kitchen I can add at least three different shelves on two walls to add more space. A lot of people are scared to put holes in the walls because they are renting or they don’t want to ruin the paint. What you can do is buy industry-grade shelves that can stick to the wall with strong adhesive tapes.

These shelves can hold 10 pounds upwards and will create a good amount of free square footage for you in the kitchen. I will like products like these below this paragraph so it is easier for you to find. Please follow the weight limit of these shelves.

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3. Organize Kitchen Countertops

The first place to start by organizing is your kitchen countertops. This is where we tend to put our groceries and everything we bring in from the outside. We just push whatever we see in our way to the back of the countertops and leave it, this is what causes the clutter that you see. A lot of time most of the things we do not use or don’t even use often.

One area that can seem very clustered and unorganized is where the cooking bottles are stored and where we keep our bread, bagels, and other bread products. To fix the bead problem, you can buy a bread box and with the bottles, simply organize them by size and get rid of what you are not using.


4. Add More Things To The Refrigerator 

french door refrigerator door organize

On our kitchen countertops, we might have things that can be added to our refrigerator to clear up more space. Check to see if your refrigerator wants to be organized and add whatever you can find on your kitchen countertop to the refrigerator. Make sure the food or the items can be placed in the refrigerator.

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5. Make Use Of Drawers In Your Kitchen

Some kitchen cabinets have slide-out drawers that we do not use. Let’s be honest I even forget to use it sometimes and they were made to add seasoning to but we tend to place them on the upper shelf of the cabinet.

You can clear up and have two shelves to add much more things just by placing the seasoning in the right place it should be. I can guarantee you that you will immediately see the big difference it makes just by adding the seasonings to that drawer. If you have other drawers, just reorganize them and add what you can to them.


6. Make A Small Pantry

Organize pantry

If you are a handy person, making a small pantry will be super easy for you. But if you are not that person, you can also buy some online and place them in a corner of the kitchen that can hold it. You can add plates to it, food items you buy in bulk, and more. One of the places that you can add a party to is in your mudroom if it is close to your kitchen.

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7. Install A Pegboard 

A pegboard is a great addition to a kitchen or even a bathroom to add style and class at the same time. The other benefit of a pegboard is that you can hang just about anything on it. For example, our pots and pans do take up a lot of space in the cabinets, but with a pegboard, you can hang those large pots and great a lot of space in your cabinets to add more items.

Beg boards are not that pricy and you can buy them at Target or on Amazon as well. I will list this product below but ensure to buy the right size pegboard for the space that you have available on your wall.

8. Get Rid Of Things Not Needed

A lot of time we have a lot of empty bottles expired food and other things that we do not need. These things take up a lot of space in a kitchen that doesn’t have a pantry. What you need to do is every 2 weeks check what is in your kitchen and see what you do not need and what is expired and I can guarantee you that it will make a big difference.

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Check underneath the kitchen cabinets, on the top shelves, and what’s on the countertops. Check on things that you know that will go bad fast or finish fast.


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