How To Clean A Fan Without Taking It Apart

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How To Clean A Fan Without Taking It Apart

The summer is over in some places and we need to put our fans in storage to start using the heater, but our fans are dusty. Some fans are designed in a way that you either cannot take them apart or taking them apart is really hard. What this article will teach you is how to clean a fan without taking it apart in numerous ways.

Cleaning a fan that has a lot of dust on it will benefit you in a lot of ways, two of the most beneficial ways is by you getting a much stronger cool breeze and less dust blowing in your face going into your lungs which can make your sinus act up or gives you some health condition like asthma.

Now let us get to those {5} amazing ways to clean a fan that doesn’t come apart or if you just do not want to take it apart.

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Why do fans get dusty in the first place?

If you have ever sat down one day and wondered why does my fan gets dirty even though I do not see any dust in my house. This is because you cannot see some dust particles that are floating in the air all around you without you noticing them.

The way a fan works is by sucking in the air and partially cools it down then blowing it on you or wherever you want it to blow. The small dust particles will stick to the fan blades and over time you will start to see them group together to form a big clunk of dust. That dust will stop the air from flowing over the fan blades efficiently and give you less breeze, so that is why your fans get dusty over time.

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Precautions To Know When Cleaning Your Fan

  1. Always wear a gloves and mask to protect your hand from getting dirty and the dust from getting into your nose.
  2. Do not spray liquid on the fan while it is plugged into the wall socket because this can cause a fire if the water touches some electrical wire.
  3. When cleaning a fan that doesn’t come apart, try to clean it in an area that if you turn it on it will not blow the dust and debris on the walls or furniture.
  4. Do not push hands and fingers into the van mesh or even when the blade is spinning.
  5. Do not spray liquid in front of the fan while it is turned on because everything will blow back in your face. And do not stand in front of the fan and turn it on if you spray liquids on it.
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Best ways to clean a fan without taking it apart or clean a fan that doesn’t come apart 

Now below is a list of the best ways you can clean any fan without taking them apart, it could be a dest fan, standing fan, box fan, or any fan whatsoever, use these cleaning methods on them to clean it even if it doesn’t come apart. If you have a Honeywell fan this article will show you how to clean that specifically.


Use an air compressor to blow the fan-out

cleaning fan with air compressor

Using an air compressor to blow the fan-out is one of the easiest ways to clean a fan. The air will go into creases that you didn’t know dust could be in. If your husband has an air compressor in the garage, then you are in luck but do not worry you won’t have to go out and buy an air compressor if he or you doesn’t have one.

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An air compressor is a good thing to have around the house because you never know when you might need it, you can get a proper air compressor on amazon as low as 99$. I have another solution for you that will only cost you 3.00$, they are typically called air in a can on construction sites. It is a small can like a WD-40 can that has compressed air in it that works similar to an air compressor.

To use this or the air compressor to clean the fan, all you need to do is blow away all the dust that you see inside the fan motor and blades. You can spray some cleaning solution on the blades and turn it on and this will loosen things on it and blow it right off. Here is a link to the air in a can compress air.


Take fan outside to let it auto clean itself

This is one of the simplest ways you can clean a fan, but it will not do such a great job if the day isn’t windy. What you can do on a windy day is just take the fan outside and leave it in the grass or deck and the wind will do the rest. The wind will blow right through the entire fan and remove the majority of the dust.

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What you can do the help the cleaning process, is to use a scrub brush or a sponge and clean the outside of the fan mesh and grills to remove all the dust that you can reach. This method will get rid of the dust in your fan without you doing too much work at all.

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Spray fan with cleaning solution 

cleaning fan with bleach without taking it apart

When cleaning a fan in general, we usually use cleaning solutions like rubbing alcohol, white distilled vinegar, bleach, or foam bleach to clean it. This method will do the same thing, but you will not have to do any work at all in the end other than just wiping the sand off.

Bring the fan outside and place it somewhere that won’t get messy when you turn it on. Spray some of the cleaning solutions on the fan blades, grills, and vents and leave it for 5 minutes this will soften anything on the sand that shouldn’t be there. Plug the fan into one go the outside sockets you have and turn it on.

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Now put the fan on the highest speed it can get to and leave it running. This will clean the fan itself because the cleaning solution would have softened everything and made it easy to slide off when the fan blade is spinning. You can use a hose on low pressure to spray the fan from the back, which will not allow water to get into the motors. The water you sprayed on it will help to clean it even better.


Steam clean the fan without taking it apart

If you are a clean freak, then you might have a steam cleaner at your house to clean your carpets and staircases. The steam cleaner itself is a great machine to use to clean and have because it can be used to clean so many things like your windows, floors, carpets, rugs, and even your bed.

So using it on a fan that cannot be taken apart will be a breeze. The first thing you need to do is get the steam cleaner ready. Place the fan on a cloth or outside so that whatever falls off doesn’t mess your floors up. Use the steam cleaner as how you normally use it, but make sure to not let it stay on the motor or electronics too long. You can leave the fan to air dry after you are done

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Clean fan with a degreaser 

cleaning fan with degreaser

If your fan is in a section of your house like your kitchen where grease will get on it easily, then this method will work best for you. You can still use it on a regular fan with dust as well to remove the dust. All you need to do is spray the fan down with the degreaser and let it sit for half-hour.

Go back and spray some water on the fan using a regular spray bottle and turn it on. All the dust and debris will blow out eventually and the fan will be much cleaner.


Final Thoughts

Choose any of the methods above that works best for you. The best one that I would recommend that is the easiest is to use the air in a can method to clean any of your fans, you might have to buy 3 can which is reached cheap and it works marvelously. 

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Having a clean fan that is dust-free is a major health benefit to you especially if you suffer from severe allergies and will save you a trip to the pharmacy or hospital, so check all your fans to make sure they are dust-free.

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