Easiest Ways To Stop A Standing Fan From Making Rattling Noise

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7 Methods to Stop A Standing Fan Making Rattling Noise

Whether it’s summer or winter, when your standing fan is making a rattling noise it will annoy you and get you upset. This can happen to any fan, box fan, desk fan, tower fan, and a lot more. Rattling noise coming from a fan can mean a few things, but it doesn’t mean you have to replace it.

Fans have moving parts and sometimes they need a little TLC no matter what brand fan it is. It can be a Lasko fan, Honeywell fan, LG, Dyson, etc. What this article will try to do is have you do a 7 step method that will eliminate the rattling noise from your fan and even have it blowing cooler air.


How to Stop A Standing Fan From Making Rattling Noise

This is the exact method I used to stop my fan from making noisy rattling sound. The steps might seems backward, but this will ensure the fan stop making noises when you finish all the steps.

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Step 1) Checking The Ground Level 

checking floor to see if it is level or if something is underneath the fan base

This is the first thing you need to do because most of the time something could be underneath the fan base and cause it to shake and have a rattling sound. This can even cause screws to loosen on your fan. The other thing to check is the level of the area it was or move it somewhere else to see if the fan still makes that rattling sound. If the area was unleveled or something was underneath the fan moving it will fix the problem.

Step 2) Making Sure The Fan Base Or Stand Is Tight

Checking fan base to see if it is loose

Most fans have detachable legs that can be screwed off. When the fan articulates from left to right or up and down this will loosen the fan base over time and make the fan unstable. Check to see if the fan base is screwed in properly and if not do so.

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Step 3) Taking The Blade Cover Off

taking off fan blade cover

The blade cover on the fan is the mesh cover around it. This sometimes will get really dirty and trap dust which isn’t good for your breathing so take it off and give it a good clean. Some of these blade cover clips on or screws on so the screw can get loose and make the blade cover unbalanced and cause some rattling or shaking sound. When you wash the blade cover, do not place it back on the fan yet until step 7.

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Step 4) Taking The Blade Off And Clean

taking off fan blade

This is one of the most common causes of a noisy or rattling standing fan. The ring that screws on the blade is loose. Take both these screw-on rings off and clean the blade along with the back mesh cover for the blade. Do not screw them back on yet until step 7.

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Step 5) Check For Loose Screws

Tightening screws on fan

As mentioned in the second paragraph, fans do have moving parts and need a little check-up once in a while whether to add some grease to the joints or the motor area. To take off the fan back check the back of the fan to see if there is a screw somewhere holding on the plastic cover over the motor.

taking fan motor cover off

Take the plastic off and see if any screws need tightening. Make sure the fan is plugged out and stop spinning before you try anything with the fan.

Step 6) Check The Fan Motor

In general, just check the motor to see if anything seems it was on fire or got too hot. You can also turn the fan on and listen to the motor working to see if it is functioning properly. If you hear any abnormal sound, that means your fan motor is going bad and you need to replace your fan. Here is a link to an amazing fan that is quiet and gives off a cool and strong breeze.

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Step 7) Reassemble The Fan

standing fan

Now that the fan is clean and you checked every area that might be causing the fan to make a rattling sound. You can now put it back together. 

  1. Screw-in the base as tight as you can.
  2. Place the motor cover back on if you manage to take it off.
  3. Put on the back over mesh for the fan plate and screw it on very tight.
  4. Put on the bade and screw it on too and tighten it as well.
  5. Place the front cover on and make sure it is properly clipped on or screwed on.

Once you have done all those things your fan will no longer be making any loud rattling sounds. If it does, that means it is from the motor and you need a new fan. Fans usually last about 5 years and then you see them blowing less air and making more noise.

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