How to Clean Gutters Over Pool Cage

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How to Clean Gutters Over Pool Cage

A pool cage is a good investment because it protects your pool from leaves, animals, and other foreign objects from getting in your pool. But cleaning the gutters over the pool cage can be hard because it is connected to the house most of the time for structural integrity.

This causes a problem when cleaning the gutters because you cannot access the cutter from the bottom anymore. You either have to access them from either side or on the roof of the house. This article will give you the best options to clean the gutters over pool cage.

Cleaning The Gutters Over Your Pool Cage

Below are two options you can use to clean your gutters over your pool cage without going on the roof and risk falling on the grass or concrete.

1. Using A Leave Blower

Using a lease blower is the easiest way to clean gutters overall. But it is the best method to clean the gutters over a pool cage. To clean the gutters over your pool cage with the leave blower you will need to get a tall enough ladder so that you can climb on it.

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Roof gutters will have a 90-degree bend at one end connecting to the next gutter that leads to the ground. Try and access the next end that is not connected and put the tip of the leaf blower in the gutter.

Turn it on to the max setting and blow out what is in the gutter. Some may get on top of the pool cage but you can blow what’s on it off as well. You will need to clean up the yard or walkway that has the leaves that were blown out of the gutters.

You can buy an Ego electric leaf blower that you can charge and use at any time. If the leaf blower cannot get to the next end of the gutter. 

You can buy a 4-inch or 3-inch PVC pipe and connect the blower with duct tape so the air can reach further without losing wind power. You can also make a quick-release system for the PVC pipe by putting a smaller one into a larger one and fitting it in right into the blower end.

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2. Using A Extended pole

Using an extended pole is a great way to clean your gutters over the pool cage. This extended pole comes with an end like a toilet brush cleaner so it can fit into the cutter and push out whatever leaf or sticks that might be in it.

All you need to do is get your ladder and climb on it and extend the pole into the gutter and push out everything at the next side. This pole is flexible and you can use the other ends that it comes with to clean other areas in your house like your high ceilings. Even your high windows on the outside you can use it to clean.


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