How to clean outside windows you can’t reach without a ladder

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How to clean outside windows you can’t reach 

Every house has this one thing in common, outside windows you can’t reach. Most of the unreachable windows are on the second floor. A typical window cleaner can cost up to 20$ per hour for each person on the job. This cleaning process involves no ladder and you won’t have to be inside stretching your body out wiping with any microfiber cloth or paper towels.

We have to clean our exterior windows no matter what. This article will also show you how to clean outside windows you can’t reach easily without using Windex to clean the glass windows and have streak-free windows.


high window

Things you will need to clean exterior windows on the second floor

Professionals themselves use these same tools to handle any debris or and not leave any streaks on your windows. This cleaning solution will not need you to wipe the windows with any rags or cloth whatsoever.

If you are worried about having streaks on the windows after you are done. Worry no more, the alcohol that you would add to the cleaning solution will prevent any streaks from forming.

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 All products will be linked in the article that you will need.


Dawn dish soap or vinegar and alcohol if you want to make your own cleaning product.

Extra-long squeegee with telescopic pole


Squeegee bucket or if you have something else at home


The cleaning process to clean unreachable windows


Step 1.  Remove the window screens carefully without letting them fall. I will show you how to clean window screens further down in the article

Step 2.  Make sure the day isn’t too hot, so the soap doesn’t stick to the outside of the glass windows. Pre-soak them with some water to loosen up some of the dirt.

Step 3.  Mix dawn dish soap in a bucket or use your own cleaning solution that you made.

Step 4.  Use the mop section of the squeegee to dip in the bucket. Extend the telescopic pole to the right height and wash the windows down. Use the mop section to clean the window frame thoroughly. Wash one window at a time so that the soap doesn’t dry on the windows and gives you an even dirtier window.

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Step 5.  If your hose is powerful enough. You can simply use it to wash the windows off and let them air dry. You can use the window squeegee to clean the water off instead of letting them air dry.

That is it, just put back the window screens in and you are done. This cleaning method works great for apartment complexes.



How to clean windows without Windex

This cleaning method will include a little dawn dish soap to help boost the cleaning process to make it easier on you. As you read above, cleaning the exterior of your windows isn’t that hard.

So it is up to you to make your own window cleaning solution or just to use regular soap to clean your outside windows.


Clean glass windows without Windex cleaning solution

 Things needed 

White Vinegar




Spray Bottle

squeegee bucket and dawn dish soap

Step 1 For a 24 OZ spray bottle, add 1 tablespoon white vinegar to the spray bottle. You don’t want your windows to smell like white vinegar now.

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Step 2 Add half a cup of rubbing alcohol to the bottle

Step 3 One tablespoon dawn dish soap or even less because too much dawn will cause a lot of suds. Add water until the bottle is full. You can add double the ingredients if you want to use a bucket instead of the spray bottle.

Step 4 Follow the cleaning process above to clean the windows on your eye level.


 How to clean your window screens

cleaning window screen with broom

Cleaning your window screens is one of the easiest thing to do. The hardest part is to take them out of the windows. All you will need to clean them is a broom, Mr magic’s eraser if it is really dirty, and a hose.


Lay them flat on the ground. Make sure the window screen is even so it won’t bend out of shape.

Use the broom and brush the window screen in a horizontal pattern.

After that, you can use the hose to wash them down and get rid of the remaining dust. If dirt still remains on the frame, use the Mr clean magic eraser to remove it.

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Ways to keep your windows looking clean

high window

Generally, I would recommend cleaning your exterior windows every 3 months to keep them up.

You can also use a product call rain it on the window glass to make the water and any dust or dirt just slip right off.

You would need someone to climb up that high to apply the spray on the glass of the windows.

Do not allow people to touch your windows. Your fingers have oil in them and will leave it on the windows.

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