How to clean Honeywell fan Step by step guide with pictures

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How to Clean Honeywell fan Step by step guide with pictures 

Having a dusty Honeywell fan can be a night and day difference when it comes to you being hot or cool on a sunny summer day. Learning how to clean a Honeywell fan will make a big difference for you and you don’t even know it yet, especially If you have a Honeywell tower fan,  Honeywell desk fan, or a Honeywell quietest pedestal fan.



Why do you have a dusty fan?


The reason for a dusty fan is base on how a fan works. If you place a piece of paper behind the fan, the paper will seem like it is sticking to the back of the fan. The fan sucks in the air, then cools it and blows it out.

Our houses are full of excess dirt and dust that we cannot see and the fan sucks that air in. Whatever the fan cannot blow out, gets stuck to the fan blades or the fan frame that covers the blades.

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This is the same reason why you have a dusty ceiling fan and dusty fan blades that loo awful. Cleaning a dusty Honeywell fan, ceiling fan or any fan at all isn’t that difficult if you have the right tools to do the job. Most of these tools you can find them already in your house are underneath the bathroom cabinets.

There is no actual way to stop your fan from getting dusty over time. What you can do is learn this simple cleaning method to clean your Honeywell fan or any fan at all.

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 The process of how to clean Honeywell fans

This cleaning process is to clean Honeywell tower fans if you do not want to break it down entirely. This cleaning method doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals where you have to wear gloves or a mask.

Things you will need

.Old or New Toothbrush 

. Microfiber Cloth

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. Rubbing Alcohol Or dishwashing liquid 

Spray Bottle

Scrub Brush


Steps you need to take to clean your tower fan

1: Mix 1 cup rubbing alcohol or 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap in a 24 OZ spray bottle or whatever size bottle you have. Add water until it is full.


2:  Use the scrub brush to brush the front and rear grilles on the Honeywell tower fan to get the dust off that is sticking to it. Do not spray the mixture on it, because the water will cause the dust to clog together.


quietset honeywell tower fan being clean with a scrub brush


3: After you have brushed the majority of the dust off. Spray the fan down with the rubbing alcohol entirely. You can even spray some on the inside.


quietset honeywell tower fan cleaing with rubbing alcohol

4: Now use the scrub brush or toothbrush and brush the remaining dust off. You might need to use the microfiber cloth or wipes in-between the vent if needed to get the remaining dust out.


quietset honeywell tower fan cleaning with toothbrush


5:  Wipe down the exterior of the fan until it is clean with the cloth or microfiber cloth.


6:  Now just turn on the fan and feel the cool breeze that is going to be on you for the rest of the day.

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If you want to take the fan face-off, you will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws as shown in the picture.


quietset honeywell tower fan taking apart

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How to Clean Honeywell quietset tower fans or quietset pedestal fan

Cleaning the Honeywell quietset pedestal fan otherwise call a standard fan or a standing fan is similar to cleaning the Honeywell quietset tower fan. The only difference is taking off the fan frame that covers the blades on the Honeywell fan. The process of taking it off is a snap-on snap-off process.


pedestal fan standing


Taking off the fan blades is just sliding it off the fan, then take both the frames and the blade outside and clean it with the cleaning method above.


fan blade full of dust


You can also use this amazing cleaning method to clean any pedestal fan that you have at home or at work. It could be a Lasko pedestal fan or a Honeywell table fan.

The best type of fan to buy

Pedestal fans with a remote would be the best option to use if you want a lot of breeze blowing on you. They do have a stronger motor in them.

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On the other hand, if you live in an apartment or you have roommates. The Honeywell tower fan would be great for you. They blow a cooler breeze and are quieter than a pedestal fan.


Best places to buy your tower or pedestal fans

Best Buy would be the best place to buy your fans. Most of the time they will have pedestal fans on sale. If you want to save money, you should go with a Honeywell fan over a Lasko fan. Lasko fans will typically be 10$ to 20$ dollars more than a Honeywell fan.

Now your fans will be dust-free just as how your baseboards in your house are. Follow this cleaning method and enjoy the cool breeze like you are in the Caribbean.

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